Werepenguin is a species which can only be seen at night. It is a penguin but they look like a Werewolf. They are Penguins by day but their original species at night. The only known penguin who has this ability is Agent Unknown.


On February 3, 2015, Gary the Gadget Guy had recently discovered something that could change a penguin's species, only at night. It was a formula that would turn someone into a newly discovered species called Werepenguin that could turn a penguin into a regular Penguin by day and a Werewolf-looking penguin at night. He told the EPF about it and they decided to test it on somebody. The next day, Agent Unknown was robbing the Pizza Parlor and when he was running back to the HQ with the Pizzas, he was knocked out by something. When he woke up, he was in a science lab and it turned out that the EPF had captured him. They said as a punishment for all he had done, he had to be the first penguin to be turned into a Werepenguin. After explaining what it was, he was determined to escape. An agent pressed a button and rings were surrounding Agent Unknown putting him in EXTREME pain and then when they injected Gary's formula into him, he fell to the ground and then when he got up, he went to kill them for what they had done but right when he was about to do it, he looked scared and then he fell to the ground in pain and then he got up, looked at the moon and transformed into a Werepenguin! He broke out luckily and got back to the HQ, he explained what happened and the RPA were determined to get their revenge on the EPF for what they had done to their leader.

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