Vipera, Nyla and Stiletto are Agent Brohoof's tame pet venomous snakes.


(Pronounced  Vhi- PEAR- uh) is a female Russel's Viper.  She has brownish-black skin and expanding jaws. Brohoof found Vipera trapped in a tree branch and rescued her. Since then, Vipera had a close bond with her. She has a hemolyptic venom which targets the cardiac system and dissolves tissue.


(Prounounced  Nie- luh) is a female Black Mamba. She has olive skin with black streaks. She is roughly four metres long, and has three fangs instead of the usual two. Brohoof  rescued Nyla from a circus master who passed her off in a sideshow trailer as  "The three fanged snake.Nyla's fangs allow her to inject more venom than a regular snake. Her venom has a 120% mortality rate and targets the nervous system.


Stiletto is a female inland taipan.  She is nearly five metres long. She was found injured in the wild by Brohoof on a camping trip. Brohoof tended to her, despite knowing she was a very poisonous snake. Realizing Brohoof was actually caring for her, she didn't even attemt to attack her. Stiletto got her name because, according to Brohoof, her fangs were as "sharp as stilettoes". She is usually seen loosely coiled over Brohoof's neck. Less than 1/10000th of a milligram of her venom is lethal, thus making her one if the most poisonous snakes ever. 

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