Jet pack guy's sprite! Sprite Character
This character is a sprite, it means you can see it on Club Penguin, but it's not technically a mascot.
Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000

Full Name Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000
Species Robot
Gender Male
Position Super Villain
Appeared Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
System Defender
Agent Rookie's Secret Mission
Marvel Super Hero Takeover
Jetpack Boost
Future Party, SoundStudio (as a button)
Color Red, Orange, Purple, Silver, respectively.
Clothes Items None
Related To N/A
Friends With The Test Bots (Wheel Bot, Jet Bot and Snow Bot) , Destructobot, Herbert (formerly), Loki, The Mandarin, Robot Villains, Doom Drones, Microbots
Pets  ?
Meetable Character? Yes (in Future Party while in space battling him)
I cannot be defeated. The villains will take over. The time has come.
— Ultimate Proto-Bot 10,000

The Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 (aka UP10K or Protobot for short) is a gigantic robot, and a major antagonist in Club Penguin, although having only appeared a few times. He was defeated by Agent Club in Operation: Protobot.

It was originally created by the Test Bot using drawings from Gary's notebook of blueprints and items around the Island such as the Stage's Ticket Booth, the Inner tube's from the Dock and Beach], the Aqua Grabber cockpit bubble and red tubes, a mine cart, the Boiler Room boiler, and two Dance Club speakers. Later, he became made out of more advanced parts from elsewhere.

Protobot is evil, and wants to rule Club Penguin Island, along with the rest of the Earth, and the rest of the galaxy. "It" is more cruel, wicked, and arrogant than Herbert P. Bear.

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