There are 4 types of RPA Agents: Tech, Comm, Stealth, and Tactical. Here is some information about these type of agents.


Main Article: RPA Tech Agents

Tech Agents are the brains of the RPA. They use their technological know-how to shut down enemy defences, computers, and security defences. They stay in rooms made for them and use technology to rob places, such as fighter bots, viruses sent to the enemies' comps, and hacking nanobots that can steal data. Look like the smartest agent in the room with your Optic HeadsetTech CoatTech Satchel and Tech-book 3000.


Main Article: RPA Comm Agents

Comm agents are communication experts. They intercept enemy intelligence, jam signals and maintain communication with Command. They keep in touch with the RPA's important people (such as the Director), and give and receive instructions. They know where the enemy is and how to beat it. Help find the enemy and bring them down with the Comm Helmet, Sat-Pack, Comm Gear and Comm Boots.


Main Article: RPA Stealth Agents

Stealth agents go behind enemy lines to win battles. With last-generation tech (Stealth Basic Set or any disguise released, such as the Box Disguise, the Tree Costume, and others), they can fade from your field of vision in seconds. You'll be able to infiltrate the enemy and sharpen your spy skills with the Dark Vision Goggles, Blue Power Cell, Canister Camouflage and Sneak-ers.


Main Article: RPA Tactical Agents

Tactical agents are known as the swords and shields of the RPA. Their advanced high-impact armour can shrug off damage. Protect yourself with the H20 Pack, Range Finder, Tactical Gear and Tactical Boots.

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