The Director of the SPA
Cutoutcustom by cool pixels and edited a bit by omegasonic2000
Agency Leading Supreme Penguin Agency
Name Agent Omega X
Leading Since May 12, 2014
Stopped November 13, 2014
Danger Level Supreme

The Director of the SPA is the SPA Director and commands all SPA Agents. The identity was unknown until it was revealed in Operation: Music. The old one had to leave the SPA due to the Spy Wars, but the New Director's identity has been revealed.

Identity Revealed

On July 29, 2014, Agent Omega X announced (like he promised) who the director of the SPA was by calling AU to the press conference, praising him for accomplishing the mission correctly, even if they were on opposite sides and claiming that all of his training in the SPA finally gave result. He then revealed himself, which left Agent Unknown shocked. He also announced it on the Pookie Protection Program Wiki before Operation: Music ended.




  • The old director's identity hasn't been revealed to the public yet.

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