Cancelled+sign Cancelled event
This article is about something that was going to occur with the RPA but was cancelled.
The Battle of the Agencies
When? August 23 2014 (cancelled later)
Agencies Involved RPA and SPA
Location Club Penguin Island
Reward For Who Wins? Nothing (since the battle was cancelled)
Who Won  ?

The Battle Of The Agencies (TBOTA) was a war and battle between the SPA and RPA to decide which agency could be more skilled to stop the other, it was set to begin on August 23, 2014 but due to them both stressed out, they cancelled it.


After Agent Unknown and Omega X had their big argument, Agent Unknown thought of a plan to get back at him, he decided to start a war between the RPA and SPA to decide which agency can be more skilled and he said it will happen and nobody can make him cancel it, he set the war for June 20, 2014. However since they made up, he changed it to battle the CPPD.

On July 4, 2014 it was announced that Agent Unknown changed it to the UPF (Ultimate Penguin Force) to get revenge on Agent Mastermind for what he did to the PHD.

However, on August 3, 2014, Omega X agreed to do the battle since he thought Mastermind was being a wimp. The battle is completely confirmed to be RPA vs SPA. No matter what.

On August 6, 2014 Agent Unknown changed the battle date to August 17 so Agent Titanium would be able to be in it. He got blocked from all of Wikia and it ends on August 12.

However on August 16, 2014, Agent Unknown said he was busy the next day and wouldn't be able to do the battle so he changed it to be on August 23, 2014.

On August 21, 2014, due to both Omega X and Unknown stressed out, they decided to cancel the battle.

RPA Agents who would do the war

SPA Agents who would do the war


  • It was originally gonna be a war to decide which agency would close but it was changed for unknown reasons.
  • It was originally called 'The Battle Of The Money' however it was renamed as it didn't make much sense.
  • It was cancelled on August 21, 2014.

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