The Battle Begins
Robber Penguin Agency HQ, Interior.
Agent Unknown: (sitting at the meeting table) Now, agents. What are we going to plan to rob this week?
Agent Nintendo: How about a Nintendo Wii U! We can play our video game on it!
Agent Unknown: We already have a Wii U. So that would be pointless.
Agent Titanium: How about a football?
Agent Unknown: We're looking for something valuable!
Agent Brohoof: How about an Omega X pinata? We can whack it until it explodes with sweets.
Agent Unknown: (facepalms) What part of "we're looking for something valuable!" do you not understand?
Agent R: How about a rare vase?
Agent Unknown: That's useful, it'd earn us more money. We'll steal it tomorrow.

Agent Titanium's Robber Phone starts beeping.

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