Supreme Penguin Agency HQ

Supreme Penguin Agency HQ

Where Penguin City Spa
Opened December 1, 2013
Renovated July 12, 2014 (first) - November 13, 2014 (second and possibly last)
Closed November 13, 2014
Mini-Games Evade The Traps, Breakout, Catch The Thief, UFO Testing
Room ID  ?
Tour Description
(Perfect Status) Here's the Supreme Penguin Agency HQ. In here, the SPA works day and night, all the year, to protect Penguin City and the Multi-Verse. They have many security measures. Robbers can play games like Breakout or Evade The Traps, while Agents can play other games like Catch The Thief or UFO Testing! But unless you're an Agent, remember: this is TOP SECRET! Or better, don't remember, because you'll get mind-wiped soon enough and you'll forget all of this. (Ruins) Here's where the SPA HQ formerly was. Ahh, such good times. In here, the SPA trained, met up and all that. Oh, and watch out, as any trap might still be active!

The Supreme Penguin Agency HQ was where the SPA met up, trained and all. Now, it serves as Omega X's Super Hero HQ.


The igloo is the Secret Base Igloo. It's got a Security Stand, an UFO (Omega X's special vehicle), an electronic door (to access the main room) which can only be opened by the agents' voice, three computers from the future (courtesy of Gary 3000), a meeting table (with chairs), a safe (with a lot of money and data) with a Box Dimension trap (if you trigger the trap you'll end up at a random spot from the Box Dimension and when you exit it you'll be in the Wilderness) and a Containment Cell (only one, no budget for more!).

How do I enter?

You must be Agent Omega X's friend. Also, it is required that he (Agent Omega X) is a member.

What We Do here

In here, we did many things, such as meeting up, training, watching over Penguin City and keeping an eye on the places where the RPA could hit next.

Types of Training

The SPA trained a lot of things here, such as:

  • Logic (with this, agents can predict the enemies' moves)
  • Strength (so the agents can defeat the enemy)
  • Creativity (when thinking of a plan, agents must be creative)
  • Self-esteem (it's crucial for an agent to believe they can fullfill a mission)
  • Melee Combat (tae kwon do, judo, karate, and much more)
  • Long-range Combat (guns, rifles, machine guns, all of those weapons)
  • SECRET (only Agent Omega X & Agent Future/Galaxy/Universe follow this type of training for now)


  • If a Robber entered, they'd automatically start playing the "Evade The Traps" game. If they won, they could move around the HQ normally until security was restored. If they lost, they were kicked out.
  • When a Robber was captured, they could try and escape (by playing Breakout, 1 Player Mode) or wait for other agents to help him/her (by playing Breakout, Multiplayer Mode).

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