The Secret Jewels of Club Penguin is the main item agents had to steal in Operation C.O.O.L.

Where are they?

They are in a secret place in Penguin City, the Club Penguin Police Department were going to be protecting these jewels by themselves (since the SPA closed down) and the Robber Penguin Agency will have to try and steal them by doing a big scheme. The SPA reopened to help them but after that the RPA still got the jewels.

How much are they worth?

They were 500000000 coins. It explains why the RPA wanted them so badly. Due to that, they decided to steal the jewels.

What They Look Like

This is what the jewels look like:


What the jewels look like when you see them.


  • So far, the only mission they are appeared in is Operation C.O.O.L.
  • Each gem is rumored to have a hidden power.