Robo-Bongi6 is a robot that was created by Bongi6 during Operation B.A.N.K.S.H.O.T, and was destroyed when Agent Omega X shot Bongi6 to make him black out, and shot the robot too. Agent B is planning to rebuild it to attack pookies and police officers, and help the PHD. It is similar to Extreme-Bot. It has the latest tech, and has a powerful blaster built into it's left arm. It is made out of adamantium vibranium that can make it 99% indestructible. It also has a jetpack similar to the one that Herbert tied to Jet Pack Guy in mission 9 of Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge. It also can transform it's arms into fire cannons (like how the Protobot could do that in the future) to burn it's enemies. It is made out of adamantium vibranium, to make it 99% indestructible. During Operation Kidnap, it was cloned, and there is now an army of them.


  • They are similar to Extremebot.
  • The original was destroyed by Agent Omega X not long after he was created, by a mere bullet.
    • But now that Bongi6 upgraded them with more power, he will not be destroyed by just one bullet.
  • Now that Agent Extreme has given Agent B the top secret blue prints, they now are on the same power level to its equivalent and friend; Extreme bot.
  • There is now an army of Robo-Bongi6s.

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