Robbers Unite!
Interior. Robber Penguin Agency HQ
Agent Titanium: (entering) Hey Director!
The Director: (looks at Titanium) Agent Titanium, I'm afraid i don't have any missions for you now.
Agent Titanium: That's okay, but I have to show you something important (runs over to get his Robber Phone) Director, come out here a second!
The Director: (walks out of the shadows) What is it?
Agent Titanium: This! (he plugs his Robber Phone into the TV and puts on a video) I was at the Hero HQ and spotted some of our enemies such as Agent Omega X, Agent Nugget, Agent Fireman, Agent Mastermind and more. I've seen them put up something called 'Operation: Attack RPA' which is a plan to attack us, arrest us and more. We need to work together to prevent this from happening.
The Director: (watches as video ends) Hmmm, get the following agents, Bon, Nintendo and Brohoof. We're going on a little field-trip.
Interior. Hero HQ
Omega X: Okay, guys! Let's talk about the plan, shall we?
Agent Mastermind: Hahaha! That fool Unknown and his Robber Penguin Fools can't beat me.
Omega X: Mastermind, it's called RPA, not RPF, so your insult makes no sense.
Agent Mastermind: DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE? (looks angrily at him)
Omega X: Hey, no need to be rude.
Agent Mastermind: Just be quiet!
Omega X: (talking to the camera) This is why Unknown and I hate him.
Omega X turns on the video screen explaining the plan.
Video Screen: This is Operation: Attack RPA! The mission to destroy the Robber Penguin Agency and Save The Island! First, we need to get ourselves ready for the huge attack!
The screen shows a photo of Omega X and scans it. It then shows the gadgets Omega X will use next to the photo.
Video Screen: OMEGA X! You will have your Web Shooters, Defender Slipstream ZXOmega Morpher and Bionix Blade!
Omega X: Yes!
Agent Mastermind: HEY! How come you get the good stuff? No fair!
Omega X: Stop whining!
Agent Mastermind: (whines) I'm not! I just think it's unfair that you get the awesome gadgets and i get nothing!
Omega X: Why is it unfair?! I'm a legendary agent and I've got the Supreme Agent Rank, so I deserve the good stuff! And plus, they're gadgets made by ME, so I use them! Well, almost all of them are made by me except for the Bionix Blade, but you get my point.
Agent Mastermind: Shut up or get out!
Agent Fireman: GRRRR! (gets into his Black Armor and attacks Mastermind)
Agent Mastermind: GAAAH! STOP IT!!!!!! OMEGA! HELP ME!!!!!!
Omega X: Why should I? We hate each other.
Agent Mastermind: That's right, but still HELP ME!!!!!!!
Omega X: Fine. Agent Fireman, stop.
Agent Fireman: Aw man.
Omega X: You'll take him out later, but now we need to focus.
Video Screen: FIREMAN! You get your Black Armor.
Agent Fireman: Woo hoo!
Video Screen: The rest of the agents will be given special gadgets similar to those of Agents Omega X and Fireman. But first, I think Omega X wants to say something.
Omega X: Thank you. *ehem* So, as you all know, I've been fighting crime for a few years now. But I've thought of this carefully, and I made a decision. When this Operation is over, when the RPA is gone... I will retire from being an agent.
Everyone (except for the Video Screen): WHAT?!
Exterior, Hero HQ, Agents Unknown, Bon, Nintendo and Brohoof have been eavesdropping and just heard of Omega X's future retirement.
Agent Unknown: Omega X... retiring?! I can't believe it's happening!
Agent Nintendo: I know! Now those jerks will never stop us!
Agent Unknown: (facepalms) Dude! Didn't you hear? They're trying to kill us!
Agent Nintendo: Oh, but at least he's retiring...
Agent Brohoof: Nintendo! FOCUS!
Agent Nintendo: Alright! So what are we gonna do?
Agent Unknown: Hmmm, wait... I can use some of my powers to stop them!
Agent Nintendo: Good Idea!
Agent Unknown: I'll use the Cold Flipper and freeze them!
Agent Nintendo: No, i meant this book, cookies and milk do make people feel better.
Everybody Else (except for the ones inside the Hero HQ): (facepalms)
Exterior, Police Station
Edward: Hey, Jonathan! Where's that drink?
Jonathan: Here! (throws a can of Coke at Edward's head)
Edward: OUCH! What the badge is wrong with you?
Jonathan: Lighten up!
Thomas: GUYS! Stop! We're trying to focus here. Where's Chapa?
Edward: Who cares? We're trying to think of plans to destroy Unknown and his "precious" robbers!
Jonathan: He's gonna pay for what he's done!
Thomas: I know that, but guys, I have bad news. There's a hidden power in the Penguin City Museum and we have to protect it. It's from 1000 years ago when the Legendary Luke fought in the Battle of the Brawl 1. His fighting was incredible and before he went away into the next world he removed his hidden power and if anyone else gets it, they could be the new Legendary Luke.
Jonathan: I don't see what this has to do with our plan.
Thomas: LET ME FINISH! So all of the criminals in the world are about to raid Penguin City and we must protect that legendary power because if anyone else gets it, everyone's life will be at risk. We must protect it. Who's In?
They both stare at him without care.
Thomas: We could defeat the RPA.
Jonathan and Edward: I'M IN!
Thomas: Maybe Agent Omega X would like to join us in this protection mission. What do you think?
Jonathan: Let's go ask him!
Edward: Agreed!
Thomas: Well then, let's go ask him at his penthouse!
Interior. Robber Penguin Agency HQ. Agent Unknown thinks of Omega X's retirement and remembers the old times from when he was a member of the Trio Of Legends. He then takes out a framed picture hidden in a shelf which shows all the SPA Agents with Agent Brohoof, Omega X and him in the middle.
Agent Unknown: Omega...
Agent Brohoof: TAKE THIS! AND THIS!
Agent Unknown hears Brohoof in a secret room.
Agent Unknown: *knock knock* Can I come in?
Agent Brohoof: Fine.
Agent Unknown enters the secret room and witnesses a lot of Omega X's marketing items torn apart, burnt and more.
Agent Unknown: WHAT THE?!
Agent Brohoof: Like it? It's my Consolation Room. Whenever I feel angry, or sad, or even bored, I come in here and think of ways of killing Omega X.
Agent Unknown: Do you REALLY hate him that much?
Agent Brohoof grabs a real-sized smiling Omega X plushie that says "You're my best friend forever!" when you press its tummy, grabs a knife and cuts the plushie's head, making it fall to the floor. Agent Unknown looks frightened and leaves the room slowly and trying to act all calm.
Agent Unknown: *gasp* *gasp* Oh my... That's probably bad.
Agent Unknown: It wasn't bad. It's WORSE.
Omega X's Penthouse. Omega X is thinking about his retirement and about activities he could do when he retires.
Omega X: Maybe Hoverskating. Or Sky-Ski. Or Jet Pack Stunts. Or...
Thomas: *knock knock* Can I come in?
Omega X: *sigh* Fine.
Thomas: Thanks.
Thomas enters the room.
Thomas: So, I'd like to ask you for your help.
Omega X: What is it this time, Thomas?
Thomas: Well, there's this thing we have to protect, and...
Omega X: The Legendary Luke's power?
Thomas: How did you...?
Omega X: I noticed it in your tone. I know that power more than the Legendary Luke himself ever did.
Thomas: How?

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