Robbers Unite!

Directed by:


Produced by:


Written by:


Music by:


Editing by:




Distributed by:

Release date:

March 20, 2015

Running time:


Budget & Box office:

Budget: $512.67

Box Office: £134,543

Robbers Unite! is an upcoming movie that will show in a way to the Robber World. It is a Robber-Adventure Crime movie that Agent Unknown plans to do. The movie's name is stylized as "ROBBERS UNITE!!". </span>


As a famous robber, Agent Unknown is on a secret mission with a gang (Robber Penguin Agency) to try and become the richest penguins on CP, after many attempts he fails but one day, he discovers a secret power which he shares with the RPA, but with their enemies around: Club Penguin Police DepartmentSupreme Penguin AgencyOmega & Co. Detective Agency and Ultimate Penguin Force, they will have to try whatever they can do to become the richest penguins on the island.


  • Agent Unknown - A secret agent who will do anything to become the richest penguin on CP and Director of the RPA.
  • Agent Bon Chaos - The RPA Weapons Expert/Scientist/TIC.
  • Agent Brohoof - The RPA Second In Command and a huge enemy of Omega X.
  • Agent Boom - A regular RPA Agent.
  • Agent Black Puffle - A regular RPA Agent.
  • Agent Omega X - The RPA's Arch-Nemesis, the director of the SPA and OCDA.
  • Agent Titanium - An RPA Agent, Tractical Robber Knight, and a Pookie Hater. He is known to be the 'goofy' one in the team. His goal is to be a multi-billionaire. He is a penguin with android abilties, he is known to be the second strongest warrior to ever live.
  • Agent Nintendo - ASR Fighting Field General, Field Agent, Vehicle specialist, Pookie Hater, Saraapril Hater and an RPA Agent. He is from the future.
  • Agent Club - A Pookie Hater, Robber, Second In Command Of PHD.
  • Agent L - Leader of the Anti-Saraapril Rebellion (ASR), an RPA Agent, tech and vehicle specialist and Saraapril Hater.
  • Agent Future/Galaxy/Universe - An RPA and SPA Agent, director of the KLA

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