Robber's Revenge Route
Robber Logo3
Be ready to get revenge!
Founded August 15, 2014
Closed August 17, 2014
Status Inactive
Leader Ballono
Headquarters The Robber's Revenge Route Base
Alias(es) N/A

The Robber's Revenge Route was an agency that used to get revenge on their enemies. The leader of this agency is Agent Future/Galaxy/Universe. The group was mostly rebelling against the RPA during semi-mission, Operation: Revenge.


On August 15, 2014, Ballono talked to The Puffle Planet about Agent Unknown blocking him on his agency. The Puffle Planet told Ballono about getting revenge. Ballono decided to make an agency and attack the Robber Penguin Agency. GlitchPokemon joined the agency. The attack will happen when they get enough members.

On August 16, 2014, the agency was renamed to Cow and Sheep Agency since Omega told Ballono to stop the agency until Agent Unknown found out. The Puffle Planet found out and told Ballono to bring it back. Ballono agreed and brought it back. The Puffle Planet also told Ballono to change the logo and made one. Ballono decided what to do. The Puffle Planet also found out that Agent Glitch was part of the Robber Penguin Agency. He told Ballono about this.


  • Agent Ghost used to be part of this agency but he quit because he joined the Robber Penguin yio

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