In the Robber Penguin Agency Wiki, most users come here to edit and chat. Some users while editing add images, and some like to add images. Some images can be useful in the wiki, some for fun, but some can be inappropriate and harmful. In order to avoid these things, the wiki has set some strict rules.

An image must not...

  • Contain any sexual references or reference to drugs - This applies to anywhere in this wiki, from chats, blogs and even images, swearing, sexual references or references to drugs are not allowed.
  • Contain any content that is related to bullying someone.
All of the listed rules in this section are applied to both images that you upload to the wiki and images that are displayed by inserting the file's URL.
  • Contain any content that teases a user, from nationality, religion or gender.
  • Contain any pornographic content.
  • Contain personal information about you and/or your family - Address, phone number, credit card information, etc. are not permitted.

The reason behind these rules...

  • Is to keep our users protected and safe.
  • Is to keep the rights of our users.
  • Is to keep our wiki clean and organized.
Images that contain swearing, sexual references or racism will automatically result in a block ranging from 1 week to infinite.

If you break the above rules...

  • First Offense will result in a warning (it may be a direct block).
  • Second Offense will result in a 3 day block (it may vary).
  • Third Offense will result in a 1 month block (it may vary).
  • Any further offenses will be discussed by the administration (there may be more chances before a discussion).

A reminder

  • An infinite block is possible if you broke the rules more than 3 times.

If you ever pass through an image that breaks the above rules...

  • Directly report it to an active admin.
  • If the admin doesn't remove the image, then report it here.

A tip

  • Images unrelated to anything on the wiki are allowed to be used in user pages and pages related to it only. However, uploading them without using them or adding them to a main article is not allowed, and will result in the images being deleted. Creating things that will be used in the Robber Penguin Agency is a clear exception.

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