Are there a lot of requests that have not been taken care of? Add {{Backlog‎}} to the top of the page.

Use this to leave a new request:
  • {{Vandal|ExampleUser|Reason}}

Admins: Please add {{Done}} or {{NotDone}} before your reply. Thanks.

Seen a vandal? Report them here! Please archive all entries every week at RPA Wiki:Report Vandalism/Archive. Notice: Before you report a user or IP, you must warn them first.

Please do not use that page unless they intentionally vandalize. If they make a mistake, or if they were trying to help, just revert it back and leave them a quick notice. This page is only for pure vandalism. If they ignore your notice, then you may report them here. Thanks.

Add a new bullet point with *{{Vandal|Username or ip who vandalized|More info, such as a link}} under the "New" section. The admins will review your report as soon as possible. Please be patient, as the admins may be busy.


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