On this page you can enter the logos you have made for a contest for special occasions with the Robber Penguin Agency, such as missions/events/battles.

If you have made a logo, post it on this gallery and add your name to the image description.


Main article: RPA Wiki:Logo Design/Archive


The design criteria are the required needs for the logo. Any logos that do not fulfill these specifications will NOT be counted in the logo design vote.

  1. The logo must comply with the Image Policy.
  2. If your logo contains Club Penguin's current/former logo, the Trademark symbol () and the word "Disney" must be removed, as this website is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company.
  3. Your logo must be related to an mission/event/battle that will be taking place in Club Penguin.

Template:Logo Design


  1. You cannot use other users' submitted images, unless they gave you a specific permission.
  2. Do not ask others to vote for.
  3. By submitting a logo you understand that you may not try to convince others to vote for specific logos. This rule is also applied on those who don't submit a logo.
  4. A single user cannot nominate more than 2 logos for the same vote.
  5. Remember that only 1 logo can be chosen. If your logo was not chosen, you will be able to add a new post on next month's vote.


To add a submission, add your file to the end of the gallery, and add as a caption a link to your user page ([[User:Your username|Your username]]). If you enter more than one logo, add near each one of your logo, by their order, a number sign followed by your submission number (e.g. #1 or #2).

Submissions under this line.

48px-Dialog-warning.svg.png Notice!
You must follow the rules section AND the specifications section. Submissions that do not comply with these sections will not pass through the vote!

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