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RPA Puffle Training Room
The RPA Puffle Training Room

The Room

Where RPA HQ, Penguin City, Club Penguin Island
Opened July 31, 2014
Renovated August 2, 2014
Closed Still Open
Mini-Games RPA Puffle Fire, RPA Puffle Water, RPA Puffle Snow, RPA Puffle Shadow
Room ID  ?
Tour Description
Welcome to the RPA Puffle Training Room. Here, RPA Agents can train Robber Puffles. We have high security clearance in here so no enemy can get inside.

The RPA Puffle Training Room is a room which can be accessed by a secret entrance in the RPA HQ. This is the room in which RPA Agents train the Robber Puffles.

How to enter

  • When you get into the RPA HQ, you must go over to the meeting table, you must press the button in the middle and it will scan your face to make sure your not an undercover enemy. If the scan says it's not an enemy, it will tell you to type in the secret code, the correct code will let the wall open allowing you to go in. If you are with a Robber Puffle or if you have a Robber Puffle in the training room, you will be able to go in, then an elevator will lead you down into the training room where you can train with Robber Puffles.


  • The mini-games there are named after the Card-Jitsu Elements (Fire, Water, Snow, and Shadow).
  • It was designed by Agent Bon Chaos.


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