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This article is about an event, or Operation that is currently happening with the Robber Penguin Agency. Rapid changes may occur. This page may also contain content which may reveal plot or ending details.
RPA Field-Ops
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Players 1
Controls Mouse or Arrow Keys
Minigame Location Robber Penguin Agency HQ
Date released August 24, 2014 - present

A Field-Op is an mini-mission that RPA Agents can solve every week. Unlike regular missions, they are played in the online rooms of Club Penguin, and you can go back and do previous Field-Ops. When an RPA Agent completes a Field-Op, he or she will get a medal(s). With these medals, RPA Agents can get Robber Gear from the RPA Shop.

Types Of RPA Field-Ops

Rescue Field-Op

These Field-Ops are tasks where you have to track down an agent and rescue them, you will probably need to find gadgets, fight enemies in battles, use disguises and hack computers for these type of Field-Ops. These tasks are worth 3 medals.

Escape Field-Op

These Field-Ops are tasks where you have been captured/lost and you have to make your way out. You will probably need to hack computers, use disguises and use gadgets for these type of Field-Ops. These tasks are worth 3 medals.

Invading Field-Op

These Field-Ops are tasks where you must invade a place to steal something important, valuable, or useful. You will need to use gadgets, use disguises, fight enemies in battles, hack stuff, destroy stuff, build stuff and more for these type of Field-Ops. These tasks are worth 5 medals.

Obtaining Field-Op

These Field-Ops are tasks where you must get some gadgets for someone so they can create inventions and more. These taks are worth 5 medals.

List of RPA Field-Ops

Number Name Date Progress Boss Type Of Field-Op Reward
1 Escape To Freedom August 24, 2014 The Director has been arrested by the CPPD and it's up to you to save him. You must get some gadgets from the SPA HQ, then go to the Everyday Phoning Facility and battle Omega X, after you defeat him you must go into the EPF Command Room and take the Police Officer Disguise, put it on, go to the CPPD HQ and rescue Unknown. Omega X and a 
CPPD Agent
Rescue/Escape 3 RPA Medals
2 Gadget Catch August 31, 2014 There is a Mad Robber on the loose who is trying to arrest all robbers on the island so he can be the only one. The Director sends you out to get the following gadgets: Grappling Hook, Flamethrower and the Hot-Sauce 3000. You are given help by Bongi6 and Agent Bon Chaos. After you get all 3 of the items, you meet Agent Mastermind who runs off, you battle him and defeat him. You keep the gadgets for a future mission. You teleport to the Ultimate Penguin Force HQ and find out that the Mad Robber was actually Mastermind in disguise. Agent Mastermind
UPF Officers
Collecting 5 RPA Medals

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