This is a list of glitches in the game RPA: The Ultimate Battle.


Nintendo 3DS Version

Flying Glitch

When playing as Agent Nintendo in Multiplayer mode, if you press A+B+X+Y simultaneously on the 5th stage of Police World then he will automatically start flying through the air. The cause of this glitch is unknown.

Omega X Playable Character

If you go into Adventure Mode and pick the "Random" square (has a ? on it) and go onto any Boss Battle then press A+B exactly half a second before the boss battle begins then you'll be able to play as Omega X in his hedgehog form and if you do it by pressing X+Y then his penguin form. The cause of this glitch is unknown. This glitch also only works after the Adventure Mode is fully completed.

Boss Battle Randomly Defeated

This glitch only works if you complete the Adventure Mode. If you go to fight any boss battle and press A+B at the same time within 3 seconds, the boss will lose its health instantly. This glitch does not work with bosses like Agent Mastermind (Phase 2), Chapa23 (Phase 1) or Omega X. The cause of this glitch is unknown.

Unknown Bon Chaos

This glitch only works if you've got 100% of everything complete in the Adventure Mode. You need to go to Multiplayer and select the Boss Battle against Omega X (with his puffle, Pixie), then you choose 2 players (P1: Agent Unknown and P2: Agent Bon Chaos). Whenever the battle is about to begin, P1 must walk over to P2, then P2 must turn around to face P1 then they must try to walk into each other then the screen turns black for 5 seconds and when it comes back to the battle, then Agent Unknown and Agent Bon Chaos have switched character positions so Agent Unknown is P2 and Agent Bon Chaos is P1 but....when you try to attack Omega X or Pixie, then when the character(s) who attacked yell out as if they've already won, then it will be the other person's voice (Example: Agent Unknown uses his Master Attack Power to hit Omega X, when he does then when he yells in victory, it will come out as Agent Bon Chaos's voice). The cause of this glitch is currently unknown.

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