On November 30, 2014, Nintendo released a demo version of RPA: The Ultimate Battle for the Wii U & Nintendo 3DS featuring three playable levels in Club Penguin, Racing Mode, the ability to customize 3 Penguins/Mii's and complete 5 missions in Mission Mode. A special demo was released on the same day but only people registered with Club Nintendo could get it with a download code in their email to get it on both versions and it was only available to get for 10 days. The special demo featured the ability to play through all of Club Penguin, Multiplayer, Racing Mode, could customize up to 5 Penguins's/Mii's and complete 10 missions in Mission Mode and unlike the other one with the ability to use only up to 30 times, this demo didn't have a limit on how many times you could use it.


Adventure Mode


Racing Mode


Mission Mode

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