RPA: Super Robbers

Channel YouTube
Publisher Unknown's Company
Years 2014-present
Genre Action/Comedy/Adventure
Runtime December 22, 2014 - June 2016

Super Robbers is a TV show created by Agent Unknown. It is based under the Robber Penguin Agency. They are uploaded on YouTube. On rare occasions, the RPA puts these shorts on air on their channels. They were first introduced in July 2014. The show began on December 22, 2014 and the final episode will air in June 2016. They are all about eight minutes long. The show is owned by Unknown's Company.


The show focuses on the RPA, one of the most powerful robber agencies on Club Penguin Island. It shows them going on crazy adventures and missions in order to become the richest penguins on the island. They have to work together in order to steal objects, money, items, and more. They also have to defeat their enemies known as the Club Penguin Police Department, Supreme Penguin Agency, Omega & Co. Detective Agency, and Ultimate Penguin Force.

Series overview

Season Episodes Original airdate
Season premiere Season finale
1 20 December 22, 2014 March 8, 2015
2 40 April 29, 2015 July 12, 2015
3 60 November 12, 2015 July 2016


Season 1

# Title Original air date
1 The Battle Begins (Part 1) December 2014
The RPA is working on a fine Tuesday afternoon when suddenly Agent Titanium gets a notification on his Robber Phone that the SPA is planning an attack on their HQ. They set up double security around the HQ only to find it disabled after 2 hours. They plan to raid the SPA HQ only to find themselves captured.
2 The Battle Begins (Part 2) December 2014
The RPA Agents play Breakout in order to escape but they fail miserably, however Agent Nintendo comes up with a plan to escape, but will it work?
3 Library Trouble December 2014
Agents Bon Chaos, Titanium, Black Puffle and Nintendo decide by themselves and without knowing each other's idea to go steal stuff from each section of the Penguin City Library. But how can they do it when they can't make any noise and the agents are accidentally ruining each other's plans?
4 Framing And Shots December 2014/January 2015
When Agent Unknown is caught on picture arresting a worldwide wanted robber and loses his robber reputation, he goes to see the only person who still trusts him to help him on recovering his robber reputation and catch the imposter! Introducing the greatest RPA Enemy so far: Omega X the Hedgehog!
5 Car Mystery January 2015
Agent Unknown's Aston Martin DB5 has been stolen and it's up to Agent Unknown himself and three other RPA Agents to find the culprit and bring him to the ground!
6 Unknown X January 2015
Agent Bon Chaos creates a new gadget and he needs Agent Unknown and Agent Omega X in order to test it out, however it goes wrong and results in Unknown and Omega X being morphed together!
7 Way Back Home January 2015
A portal to year 21145 is opened in our time, and many people from the other side are coming to visit and viceversa. But there's one agent stuck in our time that sees this as a chance to return home, where he should be, but once the portal closes it won't be reopened. Will Agent Nintendo return back to his older life in the future or stay as a penguin out of his time with his friends in the RPA?
8 The Will To Do Things January 2015
Omega X's going to be sent to jail for not arresting the RPA when he could! How will the RPA react for this situation?
9 Mechanical Issues February 2015
When Agent Unknown's Aston Martin DB5Agent Titanium's LaFerrari FXXR and Agent L's Lamborghini Aventador crash against each other at the same time during their free time and break, they take their cars' remnants to a "Miraculous Instant Car Repairing Site", not knowing it's a trap from one of their enemies. Introducing Agent Unknown's arch-nemesis: Agent Mastermind!
10 Go Go Robber Rangers February 2015
Agents Titanium and Bon Chaos finally spend a day together... beating up cops and some SPA Cadets/Agents while in their Ranger Power Suits and robbing money from places!
11 The Past Is Never Gone February 2015
Agent Unknown's past strikes back as a certain person from it returns to Penguin City!
12 The Past Always Returns February 2015
Agent Bon Chaos' past comes back to haunt him as the staff and people from the orphanage he escaped from as a kid still want him to return there!
13 Tic-Tac, Beep-BOOM February 2015
When Agent Bon Chaos tries to create a super-bouncy ball just for fun, he instead creates a self-duplicating time-bomb! The RPA Agents must disable all bombs at the same time before they blow up and destroy the RPA HQ! But how can they disable something that self-replicates every 5 minutes?
14 Nature Abhors a Vacuum February 2015
When Agent Bon Chaos creates a living vacuum to clean up the RPA HQ, it goes rogue and starts to vacuum the RPA HQ! The RPA Agents must destroy the vacuum before it destroys the RPA HQ!
15 Curiosity Killed The Inventor February 2015
Agent Bon Chaos finds a mysterious artifact in the door of the RPA HQ. But what is it? Where does it come from? What does it do? Who made it? And why does Agent Nintendo want to put as much distance as possible between the HQ and the artifact?
16 Baby Power (Part 1) February 2015
When Mastermind turns the RPA Agents into babies, only one enemy agent can handle such a disaster and find the cure to the RPA Agents!
17 Baby Power (Part 2) February 2015
The RPA Agents head to Mastermind's secret base to get revenge for what occurred in the last episode!
18 Agent Unknown 2099 March 2015
A mysterious penguin from 2099 claiming to be Agent Unknown's grandson has come to fix his future, and for that he must... destroy Agent Unknown?! It's a battle between two generations with Agent Unknown's life at stake!
19 The Final Battle (Part 1) March 2015
Agent Unknown's greatest enemies gather up the RPA Agents' greatest enemies for a final attack against the RPA! Will the RPA survive this ultimate raid?
20 The Final Battle (Part 2) March 2015
The RPA calls their friends from other agencies into a final counter-attack against the Unknown-Hunters!

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