Penguin Master Agency
Founded August 18, 2014
Closed May 25, 2015
Status Abandoned
Leader Agent Fireman
Headquarters Penguin Master Agency HQ
Alias(es) PMA

The Penguin Master Agency was an agency directed by Agent Fireman. It was founded on August 18th, 2014. It was aimed to get revenge on the Pookie Hater Defence which is what the Pookie Hater Defence do. It was aimed to get revenge on Agent Titanium as Agent Fireman and Titanium have a rivalry, both are the exact opposite. Fire argues with Titanium that fire is more stronger than titanium. Fireman stats that pookies are nice, and thinks Titanium's opinion on it is wrong. 3 other unknown agents participate in this agency as well. Our job is to stop them from attacking us.


  • They recently became allies with the Pookie and Puffle Protection Programs (last one unconfirmed).
  • They cancelled their battle with the RPA because of the promise Fire made to Ballono.
  • They were shut down due to inactivity.

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