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This article or section is mostly composed of rumors. As such, none of the data in this article related to Penguin City's CPPS may be true. If the rumor is proven false, then this article related to Penguin City's CPPS may be subject to removal.
The Penguin City website is a CPPS supposedly based in Penguin City, which supposedly allows the players to become either RPA or SPA Agents.


  • Since Penguin City was already taken, votations are currently going on for a new CPPS name, the most liked one being "Agencies At War", suggested by Agent Nintendo and Agent Titanium. While Omega, one of the CPPS' founders, agrees that this name is great for it too, Agent Unknown, the other founder, disagrees on this.
  • This CPPS is most likely to not happen due to the SPA disbanding in November 2014.

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