Operation: Robot Trailer (SPA)
Operation Robot Trailer - SPA01:21

Operation Robot Trailer - SPA

Genre Action
Length 1:21
Agency SPA
Characters Agent Omega X
Release Date July 22, 2014

Not the one you were looking for? Click Operation: Robot Trailer (RPA Version).

Operation: Robot Trailer (SPA Version) is the SPA's Trailer for Operation: Robot. It was released in July 22, 2014 on the SPA's Official Channel for Operation: Robot.


Agent Omega X is at the EPF HQ, studying some paintings PH found days earlier at a cave which were then compressed into a digital book by G for Agent Omega X to study. When suddenly, he finds something in them. Something related to one of his ancestors, at the time of Garugg the Ugg Ugg. Something that could destroy the pillars of existance itself. He feels surprised by it and then rushes off to call the SPA Agents.

Editor's Notes

Omega X - Did you notice that Agent Omega X is slightly faster than normal?

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