Operation: Robot Trailer (RPA)
Club Penguin RPA - Operation Robot Trailer01:18

Club Penguin RPA - Operation Robot Trailer

Genre Action
Length 1:18
Agency RPA
Characters Bongi6
Release Date July 21, 2014

Not the one you were looking for? Click Operation: Robot Trailer (SPA Version)

Operation: Robot Trailer (RPA Version) is an advertisement video for the RPA. It was released on July 21, 2014 on the RPA's Official YouTube Channel for Operation: Robot. It features Bongi6 in the EPF Command Room working until he realizes about Operation: Robot, he leaves the Everyday Phoning Facility and gets geared up for the mission wearing the Black Toque, Mask, Up To No Good Suit, Money Bag, Sneak-ers, and Space Cadet Jetpack. Then he says 'Robot Island here i come!'. This was the main trailer for the mission.

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