Operation: Revenge was a short RPA mission containing the battle of the Robber's Revenge Route and the Robber Penguin Agency. The battle mainly contested Ballono and Agent Ghost defending the RRR, and Agent Unknown and Agent Titanium defending the RPA. The mission started at August 15, 2014 and later ended on August 17th, 2014. 


On August 6th, 2014, Ballono was fired from the RPA for ruining the wiki, such as creating sockpuppets and vandalizing. Agent Unknown decided to block him forever without any chances, as he had three other chances before. Later on August 15, Ballono planned to make a agency to get revenge on AU, and try to make him reconsider Ballono. He later made a wiki and set everything up. He had an agent named named Agent Ghost, who joined the RRR and became the SIC. Together, they were taunting Agent Unknown to let Ballono back in the RPA. The fight went on for three straight days. Agent Titanium decided to join the battle and helped AU. Both were agruing about this. Later on the night of August 17th, AU and Titanium discussed about this, and AU decided to be kind enough and let Ballono rejoin the RPA with a final chance. Later on, Agent Ghost joined the RPA himself. Agent Unknown closed down the RRR for good.

People Taking Part of This Mission


  • This mission resulted in Agent Glitch getting fired from RPA.
    • This mission also resulted in Agent Ghost joining the RPA.

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