Operation: Island is an current mission that started on the 30th of January 2015, and will end on an unknown date. It is a sequel to Operation: Robot, and it was confirmed by Agent Unknown on the 13th of November 2014.


29th October 2014

After Skip, an evil ghost lord who took over the Puffle Hotel, was defeated by penguins during the Halloween Party 2014, his evil spells and curses were almost instantly transported back to the storm cloud that covered the entire island. The cloud started to retreat south-west, and took the evil magic with it.

30th October 2014

One day later, the cloud had traveled to Robot Island by chance, and recognized that surface was underneath it, and began to cover the island. Due to the presence of ancient artifacts (Skip being a ghost that has existed for hundreds of years), the magic quickly dispersed from the cloud and flew down into the ruined prison.

31st October 2014

By chance, a huge menacing robot named Master Superkill, the evil twin brother of Master Galvakill, came to Robot Island in order to destroy him, however, he was unaware of the RPA's raid on the island a few months ago. Before giving up on his search around the island, a mysterious note from an unknown robot told Superkill that Galvakill had left the island. Enraged, Superkill accidentally fell through the ceiling of the ruins that were on top of the surface because he was too heavy for it to support his weight. The magic left behind by Skip instantly infected his power core. And, blinded by power, changed the island into his own person labyrinth, built a 120 floor lair underneath the ruins, and set up a 'subspace bomb' inside the volcano, which is set to blow up on the 15th of February 2015.

12th November 2014

While the rest of the RPA were asleep, Agent Unknown was on a scanning duty. After restlessly observing the radar which showed Club Penguin, Penguin City, the Iceberg, Robot Island, Shipwreck Island, the Trading Post, Dinosaur Island, Rockhopper Island, the three little islands and the Brown Puffle Island. Robot Island began to flash red, alerting AU that something was wrong. He informed Agent Nintendo the next day.

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