Omega Zero
Omega Zero (ZX)

Full Name Project: Omega Zero
Species Private Assistant
Gender Male
Position RPA Agent, Killer
Appeared See Appearances
Color  ?
Clothes Items Omega Zero Head, Omega Zero Body, Omega Zero Arms, Omega Zero Legs, O-Saber
Related To Omega X, Zero (clone of both, using a mix of both's DNAs)
Friends With Freezer
Pets  ?
Meetable Character? Yes (as Omega Zero X)
Voiced/ Played By Mix of Omega X and Freezer
Ware wa Messiah Nari!
— Omega Zero

Omega Zero is Zero's evil copy. He's Freezer's Private Assistant and a current RPA Agent as revealed in Operation: Robot.



In March 7, 2014, Zero's body data was stolen. However, since his inner data (memories, real self, soul, etc.) had been extracted from it days earlier, they could make a new body for him. Agents Omega XUnknown and M.A. were sent to Penguin City to recover it.

Omega X and Zero found a secret file called Project: Omega Zero, which was a plan that involved stealing Zero's body data, installing the program that would become Omega Zero into it, use him to conquer the world and pin everything on Omega X and Zero. The two then were accompanied by Unknown and M.A. to stop Omega Zero. However, Minion and Shadow, Unknown and M.A.'s Private Assistants respectively, were no match for the power of the new villain. However, Minion managed to weaken Omega Zero to a normal level, yet he was still really powerful, as he almost destroyed Zero. However, Zero uncovered a new power and destroyed Omega Zero with it.

A New World

When Freezer was travelling around the world looking for parts to build his Big Bang Bomb, he came across a little piece of old technology, which curiously held all of Omega Zero's data. Freezer then installed him into his own phone, and the two quickly became good friends.

Months later, Freezer had built the Big Bang Bomb, which would remake the world in his own image. However, Omega X and Zero went to stop him. Surprisingly (and quite ironically), it was Omega X himself who accidentally completed Freezer's plan by dropping the detonator, which detonated the bomb and created a New World.

Omega Zero wouldn't be seen again until nearly the end of the Mission, where he would become an obstacle to Omega X and Zero, who wanted to activate the Re-Wind Bomb, which would destroy the New World and restore the old one. However, he had been rebuilt as a PBA, Darkness. Zero destroyed Omega Zero once more.

Operation: Robot

Freezer and a rebuilt Omega Zero returned as RPA Agents. When it's revealed that Master Galvakill can't be controlled, Unknown lashes out at Omega X and Zero by throwing them to the sky and then to the ocean, which almost kills Omega X. Omega Zero then appears and hits Zero with the O-Saber, knocking him out. After realizing that he can't rebuild Galvakill, Agent Unknown then hires Freezer to destroy Omega X. Freezer used his Ice Minions and Omega X was thought to be killed. Days later, Freezer and Omega Zero combined their strongest skills to form the NegativeSlayer and killed Zero with it. Omega X swore revenge and put a price to Freezer and Omega Zero's heads.

Since he was never seen again, it is presumed that Omega Zero could be either dead or in Shutdown Status.

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