Omega X (Earth-96284)
Omega X the Hedgehog (Earth-96284) (Big)

Full Name Omega X the Hedgehog
Species Hedgehog
Gender Male
Position SPA Director/Citizen/World Dictator (depends on the game)
Appeared Omega X the Video Game, Omega X: How It All BeganOmega X: Power And ResponsibilityOmega X: New FireOmega X: Speed Of ShadowsOmega X: Trilogy Of Fate, Agency Infinity
Color Light Blue
Clothes Items Omega X's Headset, Omega X's Spain Shirt, Omega X's Sneakers
Related To Agent Coco (brother)
Friends With Agent Unknown, some of the RPA Agents
Pets  ?
Meetable Character?  ?
Omega X (Earth-96284) is one of the main characters of Agency Infinity and the main character of Omega X the Video GameOmega X: How It All BeganOmega X: Power And ResponsibilityOmega X: New FireOmega X: Speed Of Shadows and Omega X: Trilogy Of Fate.


Omega X: How It All Began

Omega X is a new SPA Agent that is anxious to live adventures.

Omega X the Video Game

Omega X returns to Penguin City two years after being kicked out from the SPA. From there, he lives many adventures as a Police Officer and creates three possible timelines.

Omega X: Power And Responsibility

Omega X has arrested the RPA and re-joined the SPA, but now a bigger threat comes him, as his enemies from the SPA have returned and formed the Omega-Hunters. Omega X's only chance to stop them is to question the arrested RPA Agents about their plans.

Agency Infinity

It occurs after Omega X: Power And Responsibility's Ending, and Omega X has become Director of the SPA. But then, some agents start to rebel against him! He then allies with Agent Unknown and some agents of the RPA to find out who's doing this and why. He's the fastest character in the whole game, and has medium defense and attack power. He is extremely weak against Water enemies and strong against Ice enemies.

Omega X: New Fire

Omega X and the RPA have been exiled and decide to start new lives without interacting with each other at all. Omega X goes to a village called New Fire, and after hearing that the villagers want to turn it into a city, Omega X is elected Mayor of the village and starts remodeling it at the villagers' wishes until it becomes a city, which Omega X names New Flaming City, as he wants to honor his origins.

Omega X: Speed Of Shadows

Omega X has become a World Dictator and sets off to destroy the Rebel Heroes, which are Omega X's failed-to-destroy victims, himself.

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