Omega X: Trilogy Of Fate
Omega X Trilogy Of Fate (Wii)
Platform Wii, Wii U, 3DS, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Developer Flaming Wishes Inc.
Publisher Flaming Wishes Inc., Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft
ESRB rating PEGI 12 (Violence, Language)
Genre Racing, Shooting, Driving, Action, Platforms
Date released  ???

Omega X: Trilogy Of Fate is a future video game, release date unconfirmed, for the Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Wii U, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


Featured Characters



  • T.I.M.E Agents (first appearance)

Supporting Characters

Other Characters


Several areas of the world are starting to radically change, areas where several important events related to Omega X occurred. Several scientists expert in time travelling matters believe that someone has travelled in time to change these events' outcomes. Omega X must travel to the times when Alone: A Tale Of BetrayalFreezer's Ultimate Plan and The Superior Omega X occurred and stop this time traveller before he, and possibly all of the timeline, ceases to exist!

Game Guide

Presented with the 3DS Controls.

Chapter 1 - Omega Who?

The game kicks off with an incredible cutscene in which you, Omega X, are driving through Penguin City in your new Ferrari LaFerrari 2015, wearing some new cool sunglasses and talking to Agent Unknown through your Bluetooth headset about "social life matters" (you're actually discussing which soccer team is better, Penguin City FC or the Sharks, from Club Penguin). But suddenly, the car, sunglasses and headset just VANISH! However, since you were driving at top speed, you end up rolling on the ground in a shameful way, getting hurt and with some hysterical laughter being heard on the background. You then get up and try to call Unknown, but when you finally get through to him, he asks who you are, and when you say you're Omega X, he says "Omega Who?". You tell him to cut it off and he tells you that he really doesn't know you. You then turn around and see that, because you weren't there, Agent Unknown dedicated all his time to his company, turning it into the world's most famous and successful company. You then hang up the call and try to figure out what's going on here. Suddenly, you're back into your car, with your sunglasses and headset, talking to Unknown, who asks if you're OK since you were silent for a while. You ask him if he knows who you are, and he agrees and says you're one of his best friends, Omega X. You then ask him about his company. He says it's going greatly, but that it's still tied with yours in success matters. You tell him that something weird's happening and that you're going to figure out what. He then remarks that "you're so cool when you're all paranoid and that", and cuts the call. You drive to the Omega Tower, get to your Penthouse and start investigating. You then figure out there're some massive energy readings coming from the Historical Research Labs. You say you need to get there. The cutscene then ends.

Finally, time to play! If you've played the original game, you know the basics: Circle Pad to move, B to jump, A to interact, Y to attack, X to enter and exit vehicles, etc. Anyway, move to the elevator and press A. The elevator's buttons will appear on the Touch Screen, so touch the G button to go to the Garage. From there, run to your car and press X to enter it. A short in-game sequence will play in which you drive out from the garage into the streets of Penguin City. The game will then stop (not freeze), so look at the Touch Screen and follow the instructions on how to use the GPS (slide the stylus to navigate, double-tap to select a way to go there, more details on the original game's page). Once that's done, slide until you see the Historical Research Labs on the Touch Screen, then double-tap and select any of the ways. Then drive there. Once you're halfway, though, the screen will start shaking and it'll be hard to control the car. Make your way to the Labs and exit the car. However, it'll now be even harder to move, since the screen's shaking way more than before. Make your way to the Labs, and enter. A cutscene then starts.

You enter the Historical Research Labs, unable to control your moves, causing a mess. A scientist wearing a cool armor/suit then helps you get up and tells you what the problem is: someone, apparently a mercenary, has broken into the Labs and stolen one of their inventions, an operative Time Travelling Armor, and modified it to add several futuristic weapons which he acquired thanks to the use of the suit. With that upgraded suit, he's travelled back to 2011, where he killed you. However, the scientists managed to activate a Paradox Protection Energy Field around your present self to save you from erasure, although the shield is getting weaker by the minute. You then ask them about the minute you spent in an alternate timeline (you know, from the first cutscene), and they say that the shield was only half-functional then. Another scientist then brings you a new model of the Time Travelling Armor, which they call the Time Travelling Paradox Protection Suit, just for you (it's the suit seen in the cover and the one you'll be canonically wearing the entire game). Without wasting time, you put it on, and you say you look awesome. The scientist then tells you the dates the mercenary plans to travel to, as he's seen that his original plan hasn't worked. You recognize those dates as important dates of your life (parts of the Alone: A Tale Of Betrayal, Freezer's Ultimate Plan and The Return Of An Old Enemy stories, one of them already released). The cutscene then ends.

Congratulations! You've unlocked the Time Travelling Function. To use it, tap the Time Travelling Icon on the Touch Screen (the greek Omega letter with a blue X inside it), then use the appearing keyboard to input a date (inputting different dates takes you to different scenarios, but inputting certain famous/important dates takes you to scenarios with exclusive events). A scientist will tell you that the armor CAN be upgraded by buying and equipping different Parts. They tell you that the money used to buy them will go to "upgrading (their) staff's Part creating rate". To simplify, the more Parts you buy, the faster you'll be able to buy new Parts. Anyway, you can either Free Roam (you're in no danger of disappearing now, so you can get money and do Side Missions and all that) or tap the Time Travelling Icon and input the date of September 10, 2011. Time to return to the past!

Chapter 2 - The Beginning

The chapter kicks off with a new cutscene. You're now at Flaming City, the Penguin City of the past, above the City Hall. You then get hit on your head by a small box, which contains some microchips and a note saying "install me into Interface", teleported there by the Historical Research Labs scientists. As you install the microchips onto the Interface (the wrist-mounted gadget on the suit), a new function is unlocked: an interdimensional phone that allows you to contact anyone from anytime. You contact the scientist who got you the suit and tell him you've received the phone update. He then tells you that you'll get a second item soon, and when you ask which one is it, you see a shadow above you and get stomped by it. It's your car! You then manage to climb out from under it and you enter your car. An engine roar is heard and you're seen driving at top speed at the City Hall's roof, soon falling from it epicly and driving away in a random direction after a few turns. The cutscene then ends.

As you're driving in your car, you get a call from the scientist. He tells you that quantum energy readings have increased over a house at the other side of the city. You then recognize the address. It's Freezer's house! You have to drive there in a time limit of three minutes. To make it easier, though, the path is already marked on the GPS. You just need to follow it and you'll be fine. When you're done, you'll find yourself infront of Freezer's house, and you'll see none other than yourself from the past! However, he won't notice you, and he'll enter the house. Just then, a shadow will follow him. Exit the car with X, approach the house's entrance and press A. You will be asked if you want to enter the house. Select Yes. Time to save yourself from the past! Hmm, something I never thought I'd say.

Stealth Level - Freezer's House

The level kicks off with a cutscene where you see your past self talking with Freezer in the Living Room, but when you're about to enter, your past self hears you, but when he looks towards your direction, you're not there. Turns out the suit allows you to climb (you could climb before in other games, but not in any surface, like happens now) a skill that really helps you in these situations. Then, both Freezer and your past self walk up the stairs. As you get off the ceiling, the cutscene then ends.

As both kids (from the past, I'm gonna keep repeating it) walk up the stairs and disappear, a shadow follows them through the wall. Remember that you can't be spotted by anyone in Stealth Levels or the "Spotted!" Gauge will go up, and the mission will fail if it fills up entirely. Anyway, walk up (you can run, but it's risky) to the stairs. You will then remember that the stairs make a little noise when you step on them, and that you can't risk it. Just then, the game will stop. Move the Circle Pad towards the wall's direction to start climbing. Once that's done, you can either climb up all the way to the second floor or get down by pressing B and walking up the stairs. Or you can get down from the wall, go back to the entrance and pick up the handheld console there to get half of a Stamp. Either way, once you're up in the second floor, the kids (from the past) will decide to go to the attic to play some video games. The same shadow then follows them. Although you'll want to do the same, you can get the other half of the Stamp from before by instead walking left, entering the room with the open door, collecting the handheld console video game, exiting the room, going to the room closest to the stairs and collecting the other handheld video game there. Stamp Collected! Anyway, go back to where you were before and go up the stairs. Once you're halfway to the attic, you will spot a figure wearing an Armor similar to your Suit, watching over the kids (from the past). That's the guy you're looking for.

Decision Time - Quick Time Event

The guy you're looking for is distracted. Now's your chance to take him out! But how...? Press any of the buttons to start a chain of quick time events.

Phase 1

Y - Attack him directly. Leads to Phase 2.1.

X - Call your car and ram him. Leads to Phase 2.2.

A - Web-Yank him towards you. Leads to Phase 2.3.

B - Leap towards him and bring him down. Leads to Phase 2.4.

Phase 2.1

You've decided to attack him directly. Not a bad idea, although this has attracted the kids' (from the past) attention towards the two of you. Just then, punch your opponent with Y before he hits you! Doing that pushes him to the workroom nearby. Grab him with A, quickly! Then, you crash both the mercenary and yourself through the closed window, breaking it.

Phase 2.2

You use your car's Remote Control Mode to make it use the Flight Afterburners, do a quick turn and crash through the wall, ramming the guy and breaking a few stuff, except for the TV and the video game console there. The guy then bounces off the wall and falls through the giant hole your car made. You then follow him, while Freezer (from the past) curses you for ruining his attic.

Phase 2.3

You shoot a web line to the guy and yank him towards you. Press A quickly! If you succeed, you will cover his mouth with web, rendering him "speechless" (ba-dum crash). Anyway, press Y before he gets the webs off! That way, you'll punch him and he'll roll downstairs. Press A before he hits the wall to create a web-cushion that makes his fall silent. Then, press B and A at the same time to leap towards him and grab him. Then, spin the Circle Pad (IDC in which direction, it doesn't matter if it's either left or right, but it has to be constant) and press A when the button icon flashes green to launch him towards the window. However, you need to open the window. Tap the appearing button on the Touch Screen to stop time and open the window. Then, tap it again to restore time. The guy will fall through the open window.

Phase 2.4

You leap towards the guy, wrap your legs around his neck, do a backflip and release him, sending him downstairs. The kids (from the past) see you and start cheering you to fight. The guy takes advantage of this and tries to choke you. Press Y to punch him and get away from him. Then, as he leaps towards you, press A to grab him and send him towards the nearest window. He eventually hits the window, but doesn't get out of the house. Press B to leap towards him and push him towards the window, breaking it.

Boss Battle - Time Trasher (Phase 1) (Action Level)

The boss battle kicks off with a cutscene. As both you and the target fall to the street (the fall changes depending on the option you chose at the Quick Time Event), you manage to fall on a trampoline and bounce to the rooftop of the building infront of the one you just were in. However, your target does so too. As you both land (your landing gets a 10/10, his landing gets a 4/10), he recognizes you as the cause of all events. As in all games and/or series related to time travel, you (the main character) have no idea of what he's talking about (as all the main characters of games and/or series related to time travel when they're told the same as you were). He says you'll come to understand, but that he hopes you don't. You say that the time for talking is over and that he's a threat to your time. He says that's funny, because it's the exact same thing he was going to say to you. You then ask him for his name, because you apparently don't like to beat people without having a name to mock them with. He says you can call him the Time Trasher, if it makes you happy. You then leap towards him and push both of you through the skylight nearby. After exchanging some hits, you punch him with so much strength that you send him to an abandoned warehouse. As he lands, he activates a strange device and, when you arrive, there're lots of people (apparently some squatters living in the warehouse) obeying Time Trasher's orders! The cutscene then ends.

This boss is really easy, you just need good reflexes and button-smasher skills. However, before you can attack him, you'll need to get rid of his minions. Just press the Y button to attack them and X to dodge whenever the button icon appears. Once all the enemies are beaten, Time Trasher will come down and a Quick Time Event will begin. You'll need to press the buttons when they appear to cause some damage to the Time Trasher. Have in mind that they appear for two seconds only, and failing to press any of those buttons when you need to will result in some serious damage caused to you. Anyway, once he's only got 3/4 of his health remaining, he will disappear again and stronger minions will appear. Use the same strategy. When he comes down, do the same thing you did before (and if you failed, try to succeed now!) until he has only 2/4 of his health remaining. He'll disappear again and even stronger minions will appear. Problem? They're more than before and they now have weapons. Just great. Looks like you'll need to Double Dodge! As two armed enemies are going to attack you from both sides, the game will stop. Tap X twice to Double Dodge. Double Dodge Tutorial completed! Anyway, defeat the minions for Time Trasher to appear again. You know what to do by now, so do it until he only has 1/4 of his health. Now, only two minions will appear. It's easy, so- ARE THOSE A GATLING AND A CHAINGUN?! HOLY BURGER!! Retreat, quickly! As the game stops, press L to jump and Retreat to a part of the scenario where they can't see you. Then, hold R to enter Hedgehog Rush Mode (a first-person mode in which you focus to the point of stopping time around yourself to decide where you're going to move next) and move the Circle Pad to a steel beam standing above the two... uh, mercenaries? Anyway, once you've pointed to the beam while holding R, release it to go there. Then, move the camera down, until you see the two guys, and hold R. As one of them (it doesn't matter who) is highlighted, release R to take him down stealthily. Retreat, Hedgehog Rush and Stealth Takedown Tutorials complete! Anyway, do the same for the other guy, and the Time Trasher will finally come down. As you finally defeat him, a cutscene then begins.

The Time Trasher's lying down there, on the floor, unconscious. As you approach him, a portal appears and two people wearing similar versions of the Time Trasher's Armor arrive. While one takes him away, the other one tries to distract you, and miserably fails as you knock him out cold with a punch, although the other guy escapes with the Time Trasher. You then input the coordinates to your time and return to the Historical Research Labs with the guy you just KOed. The cutscene then ends.

As you've returned to the HRL and some scientists take the guy you just brought away to a special cell, a scientist gives you a book. It is none other than Alone: A Tale Of Betrayal, the book you wrote, based on your childhood, a part of which includes the adventure you just lived. As the game stops, tap the flashing icon on the Touch Screen to open the Interface Menu, which includes several options, such as Progress (the progress in the game), Stamps (to see how many stamps you've collected and what you need to do to collect the rest), Equipment (to equip Parts you've already bought), Time Travel (to time travel, obviously), Stories (to see the changes you've caused in the Timeline) and Save (to save the game). Choose Stories. It will open a menu with three covers, two of them covered in pure black and sealed with a golden lock. Choose "Alone: A Tale Of Betrayal", the only one you can choose right now. It will ask you to choose a Chapter. Choose Chapter 1, the only one available, and go to the 26th line to check the changes you made.

If you chose Y... will say this:

"We placed the coin on one side of a ruler on the table nearby, placed a pencil under the ruler and were about to hit the empty side of the ruler to send the coin flying, when we heard',' and then saw, two people fighting. They were wearing futuristic combat suits. It was SO awesome! They went to the workroom nearby and crashed through the window. I hope they're OK..."

If you chose X... will say this:

"We placed the coin on one side of a ruler on the table nearby, placed a pencil under the ruler and were about to hit the empty side of the ruler to send the coin flying when suddenly a cool looking sports car CRASHED through the wall and rammed a guy there! The guy then bounced off and fell through the enormous hole. Another guy in a futuristic combat suit then followed him. Let's hope nothing bad happens to them. Freezer started to curse at them for ruining his attic, but we played nonetheless."

If you chose A... will say this:

"We placed the coin on one side of a ruler on the table nearby, placed a pencil under the ruler and hit the empty side of the ruler to send the coin flying. It was heads."

If you chose B... will say this:

"We placed the coin on one side of a ruler on the table nearby, placed a pencil under the ruler and were about to hit the empty side of the ruler to send the coin flying when we heard a sound. As we turned around, we saw two people, one of them wrapping his legs around the other one's neck, backflipping and releasing him, sending him downstairs. We carefully stuck our heads out the handrail to see them, and we started cheering them to fight, something that seemed to annoy one of the guys. Then, they fought their way into Freezer's room, and we heard a subtle "CRASH!". Freezer was fearing the worst, and he went down to check while I started to play on my own."

Press B repeatedly until you've exited the Interface Menu. The scientist tells you that you'll have to check around to see if you're alive in this timeline. So now, you can Free Roam around Penguin City and do stuff! Whenever you want to continue, go back to the HRL and talk to the scientist there. He'll ask you if you're ready to question the captive, so select Yes if you want to proceed.

Questioning - Captive

The Questioning feature returns for this game, and it kicks off with a cutscene! As you enter the room by yourself, you stare deeply into the captive's eyes, who tries to act all tough but is deeply scared, as you can see by the growing stain in his pants. You then sit infront of him, and although he wants to grab you, he can't because there's a glass that prevents him from doing so. You then give him an ultimatum: either he tells you what you want to know or you'll prevent his parents from ever meeting each other, which would result in his total unexistance. He then softens himself and agrees to your demands, and you think to yourself that you're glad you listened to Agent Nintendo's time travelling effects explanations. The cutscene then ends.

Anyway, this part of the Game Guide is just a Tutorial for Questioning sections, in case you haven't played Omega X: Power And Responsibility. It's a first-person mode in which you try to get the guy/gal infront of you to tell you what you want. You only use the four buttons (A, B, X, Y) or the Control Pad's directional keys, each directing to one question. Each question leads to other questions, but be careful! If you make a mistake, or ask about something unrelated or incoherent, the guy/gal will lose part of his/her respect/fear towards you and it will be harder to get info. If the guy/gal loses all of his/her respect towards you, he/she will say nothing else and you will have failed. There're some sections in which you have less than four options, however.

Option 1 - Identity

You slam the desk and shout at the poor guy about who he is. He says he's Agent 300864 of the Time Inspectors and Moderators of Existence, or T.I.M.E. Apparently, the T.I.M.E is a secret organization, residing in Earth -1, a futurist, utopic world, as well as the only Universe with a negative number, that watches over all the Multiverse to find and "erradicate" any element that tries to mess with any timestream. He then tells you that his superiors forced him to come here. You ask him about who these "superiors" are, yet he says it's confidential.

Option 2 - Motives

You ask him about why he's come to this world. He tells you that his "superiors" assigned him and his partners a very important, as well as secret, assignment. You ask what it is. He tells you that his partner, Agent 293718, was supposed to kill an element of the past to prevent a horrible future from coming. You ask if that "element" was your past self, and he nods.

Option 3 - Why Me?

You ask about why was the Time Trapper (if you've selected Option 2 first, that'll change to Agent 293718) trying to kill you. He says that, in one of your futures, you became "some sort of Super Villain who felt betrayed by his friends" (he's actually talking about yourself from Earth-55481). You say that's impossible, yet he claims it's true.

After you've used all the options, the Questioning will end as a cutscene then starts.

The Captive will be taken to a cryogenic hibernation cell while an anomaly in Omega X's personal timestream is detected: a new T.I.M.E Agent has travelled to the past (near the end of Part 2 of Alone: A Tale Of Betrayal for those who've read the book) to try and kill Omega X directly. It's up to you to stop that! The cutscene then ends. Open the Interface Menu, go to Time Travel and input the date of September 12, 2011. Remember, too cool for school, so no trying to enter any classes!

Chapter 3 - Freezer's Revenge

The chapter kicks off with a cutscene. You're now inside the school precinct, right infront of the main building, at the time classes have just started: 9:00 AM. You say you have to find the T.I.M.E Agent before he kills you, but you wonder how you're going to do that as your Suit would stand out at the current time you're in and switching to your normal clothes would suppose a risk as you could be seen and recognized by your past self or attacked by the T.I.M.E Agent, both options making you stand out even more. You leap up to the main building's roof, wondering how you're going to solve this as you cross your arms and the camera zooms out. The cutscene then ends.

As you start panicking due to the lack of options, your Interface starts flashing. That means you have a call. In your Touch Screen, three icons will show up: a mugshot of the person calling you (the name will appear below the mugshot), a green phone and a red phone. The identification says it's from the HRL, so tap the green phone icon to reply. The scientist from the HRL will start talking, saying you seem to have a problem. You tell him you need to find something "modern" to wear to avoid attention. He says there's a good clothes shop at Future City, which is right next to Flaming City (how the city was called in the past). You issue instructions to have your car sent to you and, a few seconds later, the scientist tells you that you'll find your car curiously parked inside your old house's garage. You ask him if he's joking, but he says he's serious. Outraged at the fact they've sent your car to your house when you're supposed not to stand out, you cut the call. Anyway, once you're done, jump down from the roof you're in, then jump again to leave the precinct. As you land, you will automatically check the Interface and see what time it is: 9:15 AM. You have until 11:00 AM to get your car, drive to Future City, get some clothes and return. Easy, right? Well, it's not, as a sports car speeds up right by you, and you see what's written on the back: T.I.M.E! The Agent's partner must have intercepted your plan and must be headed to the clothes shop to destroy it... or worse! Hurry to your house, go to the left side and then go down a ramp you'll see on the side of the building. Once you reach the end, you'll find a closed gate, and you remember you need a remote to open it, which you don't have now. However, your Interface flashes, again. It's a text message from the scientist. He says that he forgot to give you something before, as a small box appears infront of you. You open it and find a new chip to be installed into the Interface. You now have a hacking option! You can hack nearby items with it. As the explanation ends, tap the Touch Screen to open the Interface Menu, then activate the Hacking Mode. With it, you'll be able to use the Touch Screen to hack nearby electronic devices. Anyway, hack the gate, get inside the garage, approach your car and press X to get inside. Time to catch the T.I.M.E Agent!

A timer with 2:30 initially written on it will appear as soon as you get inside the car. The GPS has located the T.I.M.E Agent, so you must catch him in two minutes and thirty seconds. When you get to where he is, you'll see he's about to enter the highway that connects Flaming City and Future City. Looks like it's time for a little race.

Racing Level - Highway

This level is actually almost identical to the one appearing in Omega X the Video Game, but with a few changes. These changes include, but are not limited to:

  • The 8-minute saving shortcut isn't there.
  • There're a lot less cars in the highway than in the original version, thus reducing the opportunities to fill up the Boost Gauge.
  • You will be directly competing against the T.I.M.E Agent's car, instead of trying to catch up to the enemy as it happened in the original version.
  • There's a circle on the upper part of the screen. The reasons of this are explained later.

Anyway, to get a small advantage, use all of the Boost Gauge from the very beginning. From there, just try not to crash while doing all you can to keep your top speed. If the T.I.M.E Agent actually does overtake you, however, just stay literally behind him to refill your Boost Gauge. Once you believe you have enough, use the Boost to get back on track. You must know, however, that it's not enough to win. You must win while being within a certain distance from the T.I.M.E Agent. Remember the circle mentioned earlier? Whenever it's red, it means you're not ahead enough of him and you'll fail the Level even if you win. If it's green, however, it means you'll successfully complete the Level if you win. Anyway, once you've won, a cutscene then starts.

You arrive to the Clothes Shop and see a huge neon sign right above the main entrance. You then unnoticeably shoot at the neon sign as you carelessly walk into the Clothes Shop. It doesn't do anything at first, but when the T.I.M.E Agent runs towards the shop, the sign falls... right infront of him. He then says that this is too much and he's finally going to retire from his career as he teleports back to his own time. Meanwhile, you ask the manager for some clothes, and she asks if you didn't hear anything suspicious. You say you actually did, but tell her to not give it much of a thought. As she asks you to go out with her to check what happened, you accept, and the two of you head over to the entrance through the back. As she sees what happened, she lets out a high-pitched shout, like those only heard on TV, as she contemplates what happened. The neon sign fell with so much strength that it's actually stuck in the floor, not to mention that the structures holding it have all been cut in half. You think to yourself that maybe you should be more careful with your futuristic weapons. The cutscene then ends.

As the manager stares upon the disaster caused by her shop's neon sign, your Interface starts flashing. Another call. Again, from the HRL. Pick it up. A scientist will ask you if you casually took down the neon sign in the Clothes Shop, and you answer with a small "maybe", and then you ask him about why does he ask that. To answer that question, a newspaper displays in the Interface. Apparently, because of the neon sign falling, the manager was forced to pay a HUGE fee to the city hall for street repairs, and she had to close the shop because she couldn't keep it open, and as her shop was the only active one at the time, it led to a city-wide riot in which the citizens scavenged through the city's remaining clothes shops to get new clothes, with deadly results, all of this leading Future City to depend on other cities to deliver clothes to them through helicopter, but the citizens grew eventually tired of this and started invading nearby towns and cities, taking all the clothes they could find. You can keep on reading and find out how it ends, but we don't have time, so just press B to continue. You'll ask how can you stop all of that, and he says that you have to repair the neon sign and the surrounding area before the authorities realize what happened. The manager then goes back inside, saying she has to think. Perfect chance! As the scientist didn't hang, he says he'll send a box to your location with a new chip. It arrives via teleport, but it materializes... inside your stomach. As you try to tell this to the scientist, you see he hanged. Great. What now? Oh yeah, jump from a tall building and land on your belly to throw the box up. That always works! Anyway, go back to the back door and climb up the emergency stairs until you're at the rooftop. Then, jump off from the blue ramp. When you land, you spit out the box, but the impulse rips the helmet out of the suit as well. A red light will start flashing as the helmet disappears. As you look at the Interface, a text message says that they're taking the helmet back for repairs. Things keep getting better and better, don't they? Anyway, open the box and install the chip to acquire the Time Reversion skill. With it, you can approach an item, hold A to make it float in the air and use the stylus on the Touch Screen or move the Circle Pad to the left or right to reverse its status to how it was in a certain moment of the past. To try it out, first approach the debris on the floor, hold A and move the Circle Pad/slide the stylus to the left until the floor looks like nothing happened there. Once you're done with all the debris, approach the neon sign, hold A and do the same you did with the debris until the neon sign starts flashing, which is when you must release A. The neon sign will be repaired. Once that's done, get to the right side of the front entrance and press B to jump and grab the ledge. Move up to climb up and approach the broken structures. Hold A to use the Time Reversion, and then do the same thing you did with the sign and the debris until they're fixed. Get down and go back into the building through the back door as a cutscene then begins.

As you enter, you see the manager crying on the counter. You then tell her that you've repaired the neon sign. Refusing to believe it but still wanting to, she runs out through the back door, leaving you alone with all these clothes. As you grin, the cutscene then ends.

OK, so you're alone, inside the Clothes Shop, with a lot of clothes laying around. And you came here to get clothes. Soooo, what are you waiting for? Approach the counter and press A to access the Shop List. Shop Lists are, like their name says, lists in which all of a shop's sellable items are listed. The items change according to the shop you're in, but the basics are always the same. The Shop List always appears on the Touch Screen, so you can just use the stylus to move through it. OK, so you need to buy clothes. But you can't just take a Halloween costume or a tuxedo to a school, can you? You need street clothes! Select the Street Clothes tab (the only one available right now) and select the clothes you want. All you require right now is an upper body (t-shirts, hoodies, etc.), a lower body (pants, underwear, etc.), and feet (socks, shoes). However, there's lots of more options, so don't be shy to come back later on! Also, you must notice that the shops AND its contents are different in each time of history, so be sure to check out multiple shops in multiple eras! Anyway, once you've gotten new clothes, get outside. A cutscene then begins.

As you leave the Clothes Shop, you check what time it is now. 10:55 AM?! You need to get back to Flaming City in 5 minutes! You get inside your car and drive off in the direction of Flaming City. The cutscene then ends.

You're now driving through the same level as before, but you're in Free Roam this time and you're going the opposite way from before. A timer showing 5:00 has appeared on the top left of the screen. However, if you keep your top speed on the straights and brake hard on the closed curves, you should arrive with at least 35 seconds to spare, if not more. Have in mind that you NEED at least 15 spare seconds in order to succeed. Once you arrive with 15 or more seconds spared, a cutscene then begins.

You arrive, park your car, leave it, get to the school's front gates and jump over them. Then, you hide behind a tree until all of the kids are out for breaktime. As you see yourself (from the past) calmly walking out of the building, you start thinking of what you could've been and shed a small tear. You wipe it off and turn around... but Sunshine's there. Uh oh. This wasn't expected. She asks about why you're wearing the clothes you're wearing right now, and you tell her that you felt like changing your looks. As she says that those clothes look good on you, she realizes that you've become taller. You tell her that you've stretched up, and she fakes being mad as she crosses her arms and turns her head to the left, but as soon as she does that she sees your past self. This has gone from bad to WORSE. However, as she claims to herself that she was talking to you, she turns her head back to where you were... but you're no longer there. You're actually moving stealthly towards the playground, away from her. You whisper that you're sorry and that this is for a greater good. The cutscene then ends.

OK, so you're in the school precinct, but you have your new clothes on now so no one will recognize you. However, at this time of your life, you were considered a thin, wimpy fool with no physical skills at all, so be careful not to draw attention. To help you in this, a meter on the top right has appeared. It's the Suspicion Meter. The emptier it is, the less attention you'll draw towards yourself, and viceversa. The Suspicion Meter will be automatically fully filled if you:

  • Are seen with your past self.
  • Are seen by your past self.
  • Are spotted while doing things you couldn't do in that time.
  • Draw a weapon out in the open.
  • Attack someone out in the open. (NOTE: This doesn't actually punish you, but the citizens around will call the police and you'll have to run away from them.)
  • Enter places you're not supposed to enter while someone's seeing you.

Basically, you have to be like you were back then, or you'll be caught. If you're caught, you'll be automatically teleported to your current timeline, and you'll be forced to pay a fee for your crimes. In return, however, they'll wipe you (not your past self, however) from their memories, so no one will recognize you next time unless you fill the Suspicion Meter again. Anyway, move through the playground to find your past self. Once you find him, he'll be automatically tagged in your Interface, so you'll be able to find him anywhere, at anytime. Now that your past self's location is a minor concern, you must proceed to find the T.I.M.E Agent who wants to kill your past self. Head over to the gym, right next to the soccer field, and look up, on the roof. You'll see... a laser sight add-on? The Agent's a sniper! And your past self's dead centered in his sight! You have to do something!

Decision Time - Quick Time Event

The sniper Agent is distracted for a few seconds. Quick! What do you do?

Phase 1

Y - Jump up to the roof and hit him in the face. Leads to Phase 2.1.

X - Shoot a laser at him. Leads to Phase 2.2.

A - Join the soccer game nearby. Leads to Phase 2.3.

B - Throw a flare at him and use it as a longer distraction. Leads to Phase 2.4.

Phase 2.1

You jump, grab the Gym's roof's ledge, then jump up again. Press B when the icon becomes green to land on the sniper rifle's barrel. The sudden downwards impulse levers the rear side of the rifle upwards, and hits the Agent in the face. However, he accidentally pulls the trigger and shoots. Even if the bullet hits the floor and doesn't go anywhere or hit anyone, the firing sound itself is enough to send the entire school in a state of panic. The Agent grabs his rifle and tries to impale you with it. Press A when the icon becomes green to grab the barrel and push the rifle back at him, pushing him back. However, he'll teleport himself and his rifle to the Main Building's roof. Inmediately after materializing, he'll fire upon you. Press A when the icon's green to use your Interface's defense system. The Interface will display a shield, but the bullet will go through it and hit the Interface. However, only the teleporting option will be disabled. Looks like you have to get to the sniper on foot. Great.

Phase 2.2

Press Y when the icon becomes green to draw out your laser pistol and shoot a laser at the rifle, charging it with electricity and zapping the sniper. However, he'll be mad and fire upon you. You see a kid walking behind you. Perfect. Press X when the icon becomes green to dodge the incoming bullet, then Y to kick a small rock back at the kid to make him trip up and fall but without hurting him. Well done. However, the shot has been heard, and everyone's panicking. You then see a bunch of teachers helping the kids get away from school. As you look back at the Gym, you see the sniper is no longer there. However, you hear an incoming projectile. You instinctively react by using your arms to block it, but it hits the Interface and disables the telporting option. You look at the Main Building's roof and see the sniper's there. Looks like you'll have to walk.

Phase 2.3

You ask the kids in the soccerfield right infront of the Gym (they're actually your classmates vs. the guys from the other class) if you can play with them and they shrug, one of them even saying you can't probably do it worse than you always do. You want to give them a reprimand, specially because neither team has neither a captain nor a uniform and their goals have no safety nets, both things unacceptable in soccer, but you're not actually in the game just for fun. Anyway, as one of the enemy players performs a throw-in and passes to one of his teammates, the defensive player slides and the ball's headed for you. Press Y when the icon becomes green to shoot. However, you raise your leg too upwards (on purpose) and grin, unbeknownst to everyone else, as the ball reaches the Gym's roof and, unbeknownst to everyone else, gets stuck on the sniper's rifle as he's about to shoot. Fortunately, the ball acts as a silencer AND as a storage of sorts, as the ball punctures with the bullet and is sent flying towards the soccerfield with the bullet still inside. Fortunately, the punctured ball lands right infront of you, so you grab it and quickly extract the bullet and hide it in your pocket, unnoticed by everyone else. They tell you to scram, as you blew their only ball. Press B when the icon becomes green to vault over the soccerfield's cement fence clumsily. Even though you could do a simple vault, remember that you had no athletic skills at the time, so you have to play along. You see the sniper at the Main Building's roof, preparing to fire at you. You crouch and appear to grab a rock (you're actually grabbing the bullet from your pocket, but no one knows). Slide the Stylus around the Touch Screen in circles until the meter in the upper screen becomes green to throw the bullet at the rifle (everyone thinks you're just throwing a rock at a random direction) with stunning precision, fitting it into the barrel and plugging the rifle. As he falls back momentarily to unplug it, the bell rings and all students are forced to go back to class. Perfect! Press the buttons that appear on screen as their icons go green, one by one, to blend in with the crowd and remain unseen by the Agent. Once you're at one of the lines, press B when the icon goes green to jump back into a bush and head back to where you were. The sniper has decided to take a once-in-a-time silent approach and fires upon your Interface, disabling the teleporting option. So, a little walk before the boss battle.

Phase 2.4

Press A when the icon becomes green to grab a flare from your pocket, press A multiple times to shake it until the meter in the screen becomes green, then press A again when the icon becomes green again to throw it behind the sniper. The explosion will look and sound like fireworks, making it spectacular. The sniper takes a small time off to watch the show. As everyone looks to the flareworks (a compound word, "flare" from flare and "works" from fireworks, obviously), hold A while the icon is green to use your laser gun in a short-range mode to bust the Gym door open, and release it while it's red. Once it's open, press A when it's green to sneak in, but be careful as you'll only have a short amount of time before it goes red, then green again for the same amount of time. Once you're in, go into the Storage Room, press B while the icon is green to jump up and grab the roof's trapdoor's knob, turn it and open the trapdoor. Press A when it's green to climb up and surprise the sniper, who will fire at you at the same time one of the flareworks explodes (an improvised silencer of sorts), hitting your Interface and disabling the teleporting option. He then teleports to the Main Building's roof as everyone goes back to class. Time for a walk.

Boss Battle - Sniper Agent (Shooter Level)

The sniper agent's prepared himself with his rifle and is ready to kill you at the first chance he has. Don't give him one. When prompted, press B to jump off the Gym's roof (if you were there), then press X to take cover using the soccerfield's fence. Move along the fence, to the left, until you reach the end. Make a run for it. Once you reach the Main Building's left wall, move along until your Interface starts flashing. It's a call from the HRL. Pick it up. The scientist will say that you can't face the sniper alone, so he thinks you should equip your Laser Gun at least. You nod and he hangs up. Open the Interface and select "Weapons". Select the Laser Gun and choose "Equip". Once you've the Laser Gun equipped, move along the Main Building's wall, to the left, until you see the entrance to the building. However, we're not interested in that, as weird as it may sound. We're more interested in the small space left between the left of the door and the wall, inside which you can fit. It's a space which you can climb to get to the roof. However, the top part collapses and the falling debris prevents you from using it... or not. Use the Time Reversion on the debris to take them back to their original place, then walk on the space and move towards the wall in it to start climbing. As you start climbing, debris will start falling on you. Press the buttons shown on the debris to dodge them. Once you get to the top, pull out the Laser Gun, hold L and press R to fire at the sniper. A cutscene then begins.

As the sniper feels the shot on the back of his head, he shoots at you and you're blasted off from the building. However, the Interface manages to pull off a last-second teleportation back to the soccerfield from the school courtyard before dying off. You celebrate that you're alive, but feel bad that your Interface's broken. The cutscene then ends.

As you wonder how you're going to pull this off, a large box appears infront of you. A note stuck in it says:

"I hope it helps. -A friend"

Press A to open the box. It's a laser rifle! Wonderful! Hold L to aim, move the Circle Pad to move around, slide the Stylus to move the reticle, then press R to fire. You can also hold R to fire a continous stream of lasers.

Anyway, aim at the sniper and fire at him. He will consider this a declaration of war and start firing multiple shots at you. A small quick time event will begin. Press the buttons that appear on screen to fire your lasers at the incoming projectiles. Run at the cement fence and press X while running to vault over and take cover. Go back to the Main Building's wall. However, as you try to approach it, something explodes beneath you. Turns out the sniper's set mines around the area you used to get to him before. Great. Now you need to go around. No problems. Move to the right until you reach a downwards ramp, then go down until you reach a small place with a ping pong table in it. Readers of Alone: A Tale Of Betrayal will surely recognize this place, but let's not dwell in the past. As you move along, you hear someone crying for help. Someone's stuck beneath a pile of rubble. Since that someone can't see anyone outside, you could just walk along (and you can, as a matter of fact) and forget about him. However, we're good guys. So go back into the place where the ping pong table is, approach the rubble and use the Time Reversion to make it float. The kid stuck underneath will thank you and run away. Release A and follow the kid, then turn left on the part where he turns right. Yay, you're back on the Main Building's entrance! Climb up to the roof, just like you did before, and then stay still. Aim at the sniper at hold R to fire at the sniper. A cutscene then begins.

As you keep firing at the sniper, he eventually loses balance and falls off. You jump after him, then remember your Interface's broken. However, he manages to teleport the two of you away, but a malfunction sends the two of you to the wrong destination, which is not shown in the cutscene. The cutscene then ends.

Chapter 4 - Battle of Souls


A short time after the malfunction, you are teleported back to the streets of your city... WITHOUT the sniper. Great. What happened? It's not part of the main story, so whatever. Anyway, go back to the HRL or explore around a bit. Once you return to the HRL, a cutscene then begins.

You arrive at the HRL and are greeted by the scientists assigned to your "mission" of sorts to save your timeline. You thank them for sending you the laser weapons, but they are confused. They say they sent no such thing, and that the technology is not even from your time. That confuses you even more than them. If they didn't send them, who did? Your thoughts are cut short when you vanish, appear in a dark, deserted void and then return to the HRL. According to the scientists, someone is altering yet ANOTHER key moment of your history. With no time to waste, you're teleported to your school in the past. You look down at the floor (since you were teleported to the same rooftop the sniper and you jumped off before) and see your past self fighting your best friend at the time, Blacksaber. You try to contact the HRL, but you are unable to as they didn't repair the Interface. The cutscene then ends.


It is apparently the same as the other games made by Flaming Wishes Inc. such as Omega X the Video GameOmega X: Power And Responsibility or Omega X: Speed Of Shadows. Includes Free Roam and the multiple types of Levels from the original game. The Multiple Endings have been erased, although the player will still encounter the Decision Time feature a few times (sometimes as Quick Time Events, a new feature in the saga!), and the decisions the player takes can change the present's free roam scenario, although the ending's general concept always remains the same. Also, new functions have been added: Save Code, Minigames, Stamps and Equipment.

Save Code

Since there're multiple versions, and all of them are the same, Flaming Wishes Inc. has come up with an idea to have the same progress saved in multiple editions: the Save Code! The first time you save the game on the Interface Menu, an 8-digit code will appear on the screen for you to write down. That code is compatible with all versions, so if you get another version of the game and the original one you had disappeared or doesn't work, you can go to the Main Menu of the new version, choose "Save Code" and input the code to recover your progress on the new version!


Minigames are a quick way to earn easy money. With just one hour of pro gaming on multiple minigames, you can get up to 12000 coins!


The player must complete several tasks throughout the game to get Stamps (getting stamps also unlocks Achievements and Trophies in the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game). Stamps come with Relics, a special type of money that can be exchanged for very special Equipment at a special store. 1 Stamp comes with either 1 Relic if it's Old, 2 if it's Ancient and 3 if it's Legend (check Unlockables for details).


Due to the risk of encountering, and being recognized by, his past self, Omega X has been forbidden to wear his normal clothes. However, he has been given a special Armor to protect himself from being erased from the timeline AND to prevent his past self from recognizing him. The armor increases Omega X's skills, and it can be upgraded by purchasing new Parts for it. There're six types of Parts: Head, HMD, Body, Weapon, Legs and Boots. There're many Parts to buy, some even themed on important Armors from historical warriors or armies.




As you proceed through the game, there'll be three types of Stamps for you to collect: Old (Easy), Ancient (Medium) and Legend (Hard).

  • I Always Wanted These

Type: Old

Where: Chapter 2

When: Stealth Level

How To Unlock: First, right after you enter the Level, turn right and collect the handheld console from the small table next to the couch. Then, go up to the second floor, turn left, enter the open room and collect the first handheld video game. Then, exit the room and enter the room closest to the stairs. Collect the second handheld video game from there to fully collect the Stamp.

  • I Am The F.U.T.U.R.E

Type: Antique

Where: Post-Chapter 7

When: Free Roam

How To Unlock: Unlock all of the F.U.T.U.R.E Suit Parts.

  • A Legendary Hero's Return

Type: Legend

Where: Post-Story Mode

When: Free Roam

How To Unlock: Unlock the Omega X Full Suit Pack.

  • Nothing Happened Here

Type: Legend

Where: All Chapters

When: All Levels

How To Unlock: Complete all Levels without causing changes to the Timeline.



There're six types of Parts: Head, HMD, Body, Weapon, Legs and Boots, although there're also Full Suit Packs that come with Parts to cover all types. Each Part comes with special features, such as increasing or decreasing the player's offensive/defensive power or making the player jump higher for example. Parts can also be customized, either by appearance or by features, to better fit the player's style. Some Parts also come with a secondary description made by Omega X, expressing his thoughts over a specific Part.

(Note: Click on the orange Part names to see how the Part looks like! Credits given to due, respective owners.)


  • Time Travelling Paradox Protection Suit Helmet

Type: Helmet

Where: Chapter 1, near the end, Historical Research Labs.

Prize: Free

Features: No specific features.

How To Unlock: Story Mode Progression.

Description: "This is the basic helmet I'm forced to wear while on my time travelling adventure, although I can always change it. It's comfy. Although I'd like there were bigger holes for the air to enter, because sometimes I'm close to choking when I wear this! Luckily that hasn't happened yet, and it won't happen... right?"

Type: Helmet

Where: Free Roam (must complete Chapter 2), Motorbike Drivers League HQ.

Prize: 100 coins

Features: Slightly increases Speed when driving Motorcycles.

How To Unlock: Whenever you're in the present, head over to the Motorbike Drivers League HQ and enter it to collect the helmet.

Type: Helmet

Where: Free Roam (must complete Chapter 2), Mountain.

Prize: 100 coins

Features: Slightly increases Speed when driving Bicycles.

How To Unlock: Whenever you're in the present, grab a Bicycle and head to the mountains, where you'll encounter some daring cyclists who'll challenge you to a race. Accept and win the race to get the helmet.

Full Suit Packs

  • F.U.T.U.R.E Suit

Type: Full Suit Pack

Where: Free Roam (must complete Chapter 7), Military Base.

Prize: 20000 coins

Features: Drastically decreases damage caused to the player's head (Helmet) and increases HUD's Radar Effect (HUD), overall defense (Body), Laser Weapons strength (Weapon), overall speed (Legs) and jump height (Boots). Effects of these Parts are multiplied when Full Suit Pack is worn.

How To Unlock: Whenever you're in the present after Chapter 7, head over to the Military Base in Future City. Then, sneak up all the way to the back of the Base, where there's a tank. Get inside and drive back to the entrance, where the guards will let you in, although you'll have to park the tank once you're in. Once you exit the tank, go to its rear part and run as fast and silently as you can towards the closest building's rear water deposit. Climb it up and then jump towards the window. When you're there, sneak up to the nearest soldier and press A to tap him on the back, which will make him turn around, although since you'll follow his back, you'll be OK. Before he turns around, however, you'll have to hide, so sneak up behind the huge rectangle-shaped box nearby, in an angle where the soldier can't spot you. Then, sneak up behind another box to prevent another soldier from seeing you. You'll then have to wait for a time, but in the meantime you can eavesdrop on the soldiers mentioned early, who're talking about how they could make a fortune making video games, and one of them suggests they make one about a secret agent who was formerly exiled and returns to stop a group of criminals, and you think to yourself, without saying anything, that the idea is already taken (all a reference to the original game). When the soldiers leave to keep talking, head over to the control panel in the wall. You will need to write 3 passwords. The first one is a multi-numbers password, insert 1-17-19-9-12. The second one is a single digit type, insert 7. The third and final one is a four digits type, insert 2000. The door will open, and you'll have infront of you ALL of the F.U.T.U.R.E Suit Parts! Collect them all to unlock a Stamp and the chance to buy the Parts at the Store.

Description: (only when you're wearing all the Suit Parts) "Ahh, the F.U.T.U.R.E Suit. Made by me. Well, made by me in my original timeline, but with all these timeline alterations going on, who knows who made this suit? Still, with all the chaos going on and the villains popping up, I might as well need a boost. Hey, did you know that F.U.T.U.R.E stands for "Futuristic Ultimate Technological United Revolutionary Equipment"?

Type: Full Suit Pack

Where: Free Roam (must complete Story Mode), Omega Tower

Prize: 10 Relics

Features: Legendarily decreases overall damage (Head) and increases HUD's Radar Effect (HUD), overall defensive power (Body), overall offensive power (Weapon), overall speed (Legs) and jump height (Boots). Effect is triplicated when Full Suit Pack is worn.

How To Unlock: After completing Story Mode, head over to the Omega Tower and go to your Penthouse. From there, head over to the closet. You'll be asked to input a password. Input 2000. The closet will open and the Suit Pack will be waiting for you! Collect it to gain a Stamp and the chance to buy the FSP at the Store.

Description: "Me! And in my original outfit, no less! I'm so happy the HRL guys allowed me to wear my original outfit after all the mess was cleared up. Time to show the world that Omega X is back in the game!"


  • It's been stated by Omega X that this game will be the first game from Flaming Wishes Inc. to be released on other companies' consoles besides the Nintendo ones.

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