Force from the future! SPA Omega!
— Omega X while morphing into the suit

How it looks when Omega X is wearing it.

Agent Omega X's Omega Ranger Power Suit is a form Omega X transforms into to become the Omega Ranger. It's a suit made of a special unbreakable material, and it allows Omega X to perform many kinds of attacks. He has a Zord, called Omegamax Cycle, a motorcycle.


Omega Morpher

The Omega Ranger's morpher features a throttle control that gives him access to a variety of powers including:

Electro Mode

The Omega Morpher's main attack, an electrifying attack that can injure opponents greatly.

Blast Mode

Allows the Omega Ranger to gather energy in the palm of his hand before discharging it as a powerful shockwave.

Power Mode

Similar to Muscle Mode, Power Mode increases the Omega Ranger's strength.

Muscle Mode

Enhances the Omega Ranger's physical strength.

Hyper Mode

Once this is activated, Omega Ranger can either slow down time or increase speed at his will.

Lightbeam Mode

The Omega Ranger attacks his opponent with a "bar" of energy. Finishing move.

Charged-Up Mode

The Omega Ranger can strengthen his stats.

Judgment Scanner

The "Judge" option assesses the guilt or innocence of anyone he brings into custody. It measures pulse and electrical impulses before rendering a verdict, and it never makes mistakes.

S.W.A.T. Mode

The S.W.A.T. Mode gives Omega X access to new equipment and weapons, besides increasing his overall attack and defense power while activated.

Omega Crystal

The Omega Crystal allows Omega X to travel through time easily.

Omegamax Cycle

Omega X can use the Omegamax Cycle to move around easily. It can also be used in combat. It also has a time travel system, although it's barely used.


  • Omega Ranger, Normal Mode
  • Omega Ranger, S.W.A.T. Mode
  • The Omegamax Cycle, Omega X's Zord
Power Rangers Season 13 S.P02:19

Power Rangers Season 13 S.P.D Ep 22 (Omega Ranger)

Omega X's skills as the Omega Ranger.

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