Defender Slipstream ZX
Defender slipstream

Full Name Defender Slipstream ZX
Made by Omega X
Owner/s Omega X
Ammunition Any
Upgrade/s Double Barrel, Accelerator
Color/s Orange & Blue
Variation/s Attacker Slipstream F20
Currently Working? Yes
Omega X's Defender Slipstream ZX is Omega X's weapon.


Level 1 (Defender)

The weapon's barrel is orange with a blue star. The handle is grey, and the gun has a fusion core next to the barrel and above the handle that makes the ammunition used go at a speed of 150 km/h. There's also a tube that adjusts to any kind of ammunition.

Level 2 (Defender Slipstream)

The weapon gets a blue lines next to the star that goes from the right peak of the star through the upper part of the barrel and a new accessory, the Double Barrel, which allows it to shoot two pieces of ammo at once. This accessory can be equipped and removed at will.

Level 3 (Defender Slipstream Z)

The weapon gets a blue line that goes through the lower side of the barrel and a new accessory, the Accelerator, which makes the ammunition go to 300 km/h. This accessory can also be equipped and removed at will. However, when one of the accessories is used, the other won't be able to fit into the gun.

Level 4 (Defender Slipstream ZX)

The last level. The two accessories are equipped and they both work at the same time on the gun. Also, its power will drastically increase.


  • The only RPA Weapon available of matching this gun's power would be the 100 Laser Raygun Shooter at Level 4. However, since that weapon has no Level 4, this gun is nearly unstoppable.
  • It has a DNA Sensor that analyzes the skin cells on the gun. So if someone who isn't the registered operator (in this case, Omega X) tries to use it, it will activate a shutdown mechanism and render the gun useless until Omega X turns it back on.


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