Negative Dimension

Negative Dimension

The Negative Dimension is, even if it sounds crazy, a 3D Dimension in which opposite versions of the positive dimension (our dimension) live in. It has versions of Omega X, Agent Unknown, Agent Club, Agent Bon Chaos, Agent Nintendo and more. It is known to be the only dimension in which police officers are almost gone.

Differences with our dimension

Some parts of the dimension have no color and are totally black and white, it is mirrored and everyone says the opposite of what their positive counterparts say. For example, if our dimension's Omega X would say "let's go save some citizens", the Negative Dimension's Omega X (Onega X) would say "let's go skill some citizens!", and so occurs with the rest of the people.


Description: Positive Dimension Version +

Cutoutcustom by cool pixels and edited a bit by omegasonic2000

Omega X from the Positive Dimension (Agent Omega X)

Omega X

  • Alive
  • Nice
  • Hates violence
  • Has the worst aiming ever seen
  • Protects Citizens
  • Runs the Supreme Penguin Agency

Agent Crucio

  • Loves snakes
  • Uses a wand which transforms into a sword.
  • Is good at aiming
  • Is a herpetologist
  • Dreams of having a pet Titanoboa
  • Has Severus Snape as a wikia icon.
  • Thinks both genders are equal.
  • Top Quote: "BACK TO YO BARRACKS!"

Description: Negative Dimension Version -

Onega X

Omega X from the Negative Dimension (Onega X)

Onega X

  • Dead
  • Evil
  • Was a gifted skiller
  • Had the greatest aiming ever seen
  • Hated Citizens
  • Ran the Super Pounding Agency

Agent Episkey (Agent Crucio counterpart)

  • Detests snakes
  • Uses a pen which turns into a spear
  • Is a horrible aimer
  • Hates herpetology
  • Hunts whale sharks
  • Has James Potter as a wikia icon
  • Thinks women are the weaker gender.
  • Top Quote: "To the dance club!"


  • This dimension is mirrored for example when things appear on the right of our dimension, it is mirrored and things appear on the left.

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