Music Cruise Ship

Where On sea (near Dock)
Opened July 17, 2014
Renovated  ?
Closed Still Open
Mini-Games SoundStudio
Room ID N/A
Tour Description

The Music Cruise was a huge, luxury party cruise line which was owned by Cadence. It was for fans of music and multiple artists to celebrate. It appeared at the Music Jam 2014. Most of Operation: Music happened here.

The ship was destroyed during Operation: Music.


  • Club Penguin said that we can't see the ship heading to us in the beacon telescope because Cadence had to make a few different stops along the way here to pick up all of the other penguins that are coming with her, which means that she will be taking a different route to the Club Penguin Island.
  • The ship is, apparently, powered by music.
  • The ship's arrival was confirmed in an issue of the Club Penguin Magazine.
  • There are six different places to go.




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