Multiplayer mode is a mode in RPA: The Ultimate Battle where you can play multiplayer with friends locally or people online. With friends, you can connect your 3DS's or other controllers accessible with the Wii U version. You can do anything such as the Adventure Mode, Racing Mode and even a Co-Op mission mode. Online is where you can play racing mode or a few other modes. The Adventure Mode along with Mission Mode and Customization is not available online.

How it works

Offline Multiplayer

When playing offline, you can connect up to 4 3DS's/Wii Remote's/Classic Controller's/Wii Remote's + Nunchucks/GameCube Controllers to play Multiplayer. Once the connection is set up, you can choose to do any mode available. If you choose to do Adventure Mode or Mission Mode, you can only play with 2 players. If you do Adventure Mode and Player 1 loses all of their lives first, both players will receive a Game Over regardless of whether Player 2 is still alive yet when Player 2 loses all of their lives, Player 1 can continue on without them. In the Mission Mode, there are different missions when playing with 1 player. There are many ways to unlock new features too.

Online Multiplayer

When playing Online, you can play with people from all around the world. You can do Racing Mode and enter competitions to win some coins for your game. You can also get new features for your game while playing online too. If you disconnect from a race, you will be banned from playing online for 5 minutes.

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