The Light Blue Hedgehog Breed is a very rare breed of Hedgehogs, as only one remains. They're intelligent, self-sufficient, and can do the same things as Humans.


First Discovery

On June 25, 1784, a random human found a Light Blue Hedgehog offspring and thought it was just covered in light blue paint, so he took the hedgehog to his house. He tried to clean the hedgehog over and over, to no avail. It was then when he realized he'd discovered a new breed of hedgehogs. Since then, the Light Blue Hedgehogs and the Humans have co-existed peacefully.

Erradication and the Last Light Blue Hedgehog

On May 29, 2003, an evil individual who despised Light Blue Hedgehogs prepared an army against their city, Hedgehog City, and completely managed to erradicate every single Light Blue Hedgehog in the city, therefore seemingly erradicating all Light Blue Hedgehogs in Virtualia. However, one of them, a 3-years old kid, was evacuated successfully before the attack. Since then, that hedgehog, called Omega X, declared war against that mysterious being and started to fight against all evil in the planet just to find the one who destroyed his breed.


Basic Abilities

Light Blue Hedgehogs are like Humans: they can walk on two legs, use their arms and hands for diverse things, and more. They're also intelligent and self-sufficient.

Bloodstream Assimilation

Light Blue Hedgehogs can assimilate anything, of any size or type, into their bloodstream, and then recreate it into the same (or a different) shape, with the same (or different) features.

Elemental Powers

Some Light Blue Hedgehogs can create, manipulate and absorb Elements at will. The elements available are Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Only 1 out of 1000000 Light Blue Hedgehogs possesses this ability.

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