Legend Island
Legend Island, Upper View

Legend Island, Upper View

Where Legend Island
Opened January 1, 0
Renovated September 18, 2009
Closed Never
Mini-Games Find The Relic, Temple Escape
Room ID  ?
Tour Description
Welcome to Legend Island, the island where all Legendary Figures of any type rest. In here, you can find the heroes themselves and their most valuable possessions. However, to see and touch them, you must go through the Underground Ruins, a legendary laberinth with many old-style traps. Make a bad move and you're finished.

Legend Island is an island located 1000 kilometres east from Robot Island and 500 kilometres northeast from Penguin City. It's the island where all Legendary Heroes and their most valuable possessions are transported to when their time is over. It also marks as the main scenario in Operation: Zero.



The island is full of sand and nature and surrounded by the ocean, making it perfect for tropical holidays. However, the outside of the chambers and the stairs to the Underground Ruins can be seen.

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