Gary 38

Full Name Gary the Gadget Guy
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position EPF Agent, Former PSA Agent, Tech Lead, Scientist, Technology Specialist
Appeared See Appearances
Color Old Blue (in missions and artwork), Blue (in-game)
Clothes Items Gary's Lab Coat, Gary's Glasses, Gary's Glasses (Prehistoric Party), Gary's Glasses Feb 2013, Gary 3000 Helmet (Robo-Party)
Related To Larry (brother), Barry (cousin), Gariwald VIII (great uncle), Garugg the Ugg Ugg (great x11 uncle), Garianna (Relative from Medieval Times), Darwin (pet puffle), Gary 3000 (future self)
Friends With Aunt Arctic, Dot, Jet Pack Guy, Rory, Rookie, Secret Agent (in missions), EPF Agent (in missions), Darwin, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beaker, You (if you add him)
Pets  ?
Meetable Character? Yes
Voiced/ Played By  ?

— Gary the Gadget Guy

Gary the Gadget Guy or Gary for short (AKA G), is Club Penguin's local inventor and the former owner of the Sports Shop. He always appears in a white lab coat and his special curved spectacles. He is known to enjoy eating Fish Pizza with extra cheese and anchovies, and is almost always seen drinking coffee while in the HQ. He used to be somewhat shy, and disliked being crowded, and potentially claustrophobic. He has a strong rivalry with his brother Larry, who have been enemies since High School, yet he has a strong bond with his cousin Barry even if Gary's jealous of him due to Barry's job on the Supreme Penguin Agency.

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