Framing And Shots is an upcoming Super Robbers episode and will be the 4th episode. It involves Agent Unknown losing his robber reputation after being framed for catching a worldwide wanted robber and he needs to go to a trusted friend in order to prove that it wasn't him.


When Agent Unknown is caught on picture arresting a worldwide wanted robber and loses his robber reputation, he goes to see the only person who still trusts him to help him on recovering his robber reputation and catch the imposter! Introducing the greatest RPA Enemy so far: Omega X the Hedgehog!

Episode Summary



  • This is the first episode to feature Omega X.


  • The RPA Agents have no right to kick Agent Unknown out of the HQ as he is the director and only he can kick people out.
  • The RPA Agents could have been fired from the RPA for kicking Unknown out of the HQ but they somehow got away with it.
  • The CPPD had the chance to arrest Agent Unknown when they were arresting the Reporter but they somehow didn't arrest him.
  • It is unknown how Omega X could show the proof that the Reporter tried to kill him and Agent Unknown when he wasn't even shown to be recording.
  • When Omega X goes to talk to Unknown near the end of the episode, he's wearing a t-shirt different from his usual one. However, when he's going to leave, he has his trademark t-shirt back on.

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