Framing And Shots
Robber Penguin Agency HQ, Interior.
Agent Unknown: (yawns and enters the HQ) Good morning, everyone!
Agent Titanium: Morning, Unknown! (waves to Unknown)
Agent Bon Chaos: (enters the HQ nervously) It's a tragedy! I don't believe it!!
The Director: What is it?!
Agent Bon Chaos: This! (he shows everyone the front page of the Penguin City News)
The Director: The shops around Penguin City are out of bons?
Agent Bon Chaos: Well, yeah, but also this! (he points the front page's main article)
Newspaper: Agent Unknown catches worldwide wanted robber, reward soon to be given to him
Agent Nintendo: What the?! I can't believe this!
Agent Titanium: But the picture's real!
Agent Brohoof: We have to face the facts...
Agent Bon Chaos: ...our own Director has betrayed us.
Agent Unknown is kicked out wildly of the RPA HQ.
Agent Unknown: Guys, you have to believe me! I-
The doors to the RPA HQ are closed.
Agent Unknown: *sigh* Even if I dislike this, I have no choice. I must look for the only one that might trust me.
Omega Tower, Attic (Omega X's Penthouse).
Omega X: (reads newspaper) Agent Unknown, arresting a robber? I don't buy it.
Agent Unknown enters the Penthouse.
Agent Unknown: Omega X! I need your help! I-
Omega X: You were kicked out of the RPA, right?
Agent Unknown: H-how did you...?!
Omega X: I read the newspaper too, Unknown. You want me to help you prove that it wasn't you who did it, right?
Agent Unknown: Yeah! And I want to return to the RPA!
Omega X: Then let's go! We've got no time to waste! The award ceremony is in a week and Secret Agents from around the world are looking for you to force you to assist the ceremony! If you're given the award, there'll be no turning back!
Omega X and Agent Unknown head to where Unknown supposedly arrested the criminal.
Omega X: Hmm... This is odd. It smells like chocolate.
Agent Unknown: But I didn't eat chocolate the day the arrest occurred.
Omega X: Then this proves you were framed.
Agent Unknown: But why? I haven't done anything bad. Well, in terms of someone wanting to get revenge on me at least.
Omega X: But you've-
Agent Unknown: I NEVER DID THAT!
Omega X: ...
Agent Unknown: What?
Omega X: I was going to say that you robbed.
Agent Unknown: Why didn't you say that earlier?
Omega X: You didn't let me!
Agent Unknown: Me?! YOU're the one who talked slowly when you can speak faster than sound and light combined!
Omega X: If I spoke like that you wouldn't have heard me!
Agent Unknown: What do you base that o-
Omega X: Shhh! My spider-sense detects danger!
Agent Unknown: What kind?
Omega X: It's like...
A ball is then thrown in front of Omega X and Unknown
Omega X: ...A GAS BOMB!
The bomb explodes and releases a regular amount of sleeping gas.
Omega X: *cough* *cough* My reinforced lungs allow me to hold the breath twice as long than any other being, but Unknown isn't that lucky! I have to find... the one that... did thiiiiiis... *thump*
A mysterious penguin comes and takes away the fainted Omega X and Unknown.
Omega X: *whisper* Unknown, wake up!
Agent Unknown: Ugh... Omega...? Where are we...? (Unknown starts to open his eyes)
Unknown realizes that he's tied up with Omega X, back-to-back, at the Docks, way too close to the water.
Mysterious Penguin: (he makes a picture) A new article: "A Mysterious Criminal ties up Agents Omega X and Unknown together!"
Agent Unknown: WHAT?! Who are you?!
Omega X: I know you! You're the reporter of the Agent Unknown Arrest article!
Agent Unknown: WHAT?! He's the one who framed me?!
Omega X: It seems so! But why?
Reporter: Because incredible twists about famous people make millions! And what better way to make a twist than making all those fools believe that Agent Unknown became good again?!
Omega X: You mean, you ruined someone's life for MONEY?! You monster!!
Reporter: All is fair in love and war, right? All I needed was an Agent Unknown cutout, a picture editing program, and voilá! I hired the criminal to act as if he had been handcuffed and I made a picture of him. I then mixed the picture and the cutout, and done! Agent Unknown arresting a criminal.
Omega X: What are you going to do to us now? I have super strength, so I can break us free.
Reporter: I knew that. Those are normal ropes. They shrink with water. Just keep your head up, Omega X, and everything will be fine.
The Reporter pushes Omega X and Unknown to the water. While Omega X is facing to the sky, Agent Unknown is facing to the ocean and his oxygen is running low.
Omega X: Why did he tell me to keep my head up? Unless...
Omega X turns around, allowing Unknown to breath but forcing Omega X to hold the breath underwater.
Omega X: (thinking) Let's hope this works, because if it doesn't I'll sink and become fish food!
Agent Unknown: Why did Omega X do that? Maybe... IDEA!!!
Agent Unknown uses the Cold Flipper on the ropes and then Omega X breaks the frozen ropes.
Omega X: *gasp* *gasp* Whew! Thank goodness you discovered my plan!
Agent Unknown: Don't think about it, let's just go! That reporter is about to write a new article with the formerly made picture!
Omega X and Agent Unknown go to the Penguin City Newspaper HQ, where the Reporter is.
Reporter: This goes here and... voilá!
Omega X & Agent Unknown: HOLD IT!
Agent Unknown: You, Reporter, have tried to kill us!
Omega X: There he is, officers!
The Police Officers handcuff the Reporter.
Reporter: This is an outrage! I did nothing! You can't prove I tried to kill you!
Omega X brings out a recorder and turns it on. The scene then changes to reproduce the scene where Omega X and Agent Unknown were tied near the Docks, including the Reporter's confession. The recording proves that the Reporter actually framed Agent Unknown and that he tried to kill Omega X and Unknown!
The Police Officers take the Reporter away.
Agent Unknown: Thanks, Omega. You helped me and trusted me when no one did. Is there something I can do for you in return?
Omega X: It was nothing, bud. That's what friends are for, to help each other when the time comes. But, there is one thing that I have to do for YOU. I just need that PC.
Agent Unknown: Are you thinking of...?
Omega X: Aw yeah.
The next day. Robber Penguin Agency HQ, Interior.
Agent Brohoof: (yawns and enters the HQ) Good morning, everyone!
Agent Titanium: Good morning, Director.
Agent Brohoof: Has someone checked the Newspaper? I say it because I haven't.
Agent Bon Chaos: (enters the HQ nervously) GUYS, LOOK AT THIS! (points at Newspaper's front page's main article)
Newspaper: Agent Omega X reveals the truth behind the Wanted Criminal Arrest article, Agent Unknown recovers robber reputation
Agent Bon Chaos: This means... Unknown didn't do it! YAHOO!!!
Agent Brohoof: All that's left now is for Unknown to return!
Suddenly Agent Unknown enters through the HQ Door.
Agent Unknown: Hey there, guys! Did you miss me?
Agent Bon Chaos: Unknown, we're SO SO SORRY! We should've trusted you!
Agent Unknown: I didn't do it alone. Omega helped me in some crucial parts too. I couldn't have done it without him.
Agent Bon Chaos: But it's you who we want and need here, not Omega. So PARTY TIME!!! Director, please do the honors.
Agent Bon Chaos hands over a remote with a button to Agent Unknown, which he presses, activating the HQ's Party Mode. As everyone has a fun time at the party, Omega X watches from the window outside. Agent Unknown notices him and stealthly gets closer to him.
Omega X: Unknown, you have a good life and friends that also consider you a friend. Value them and spend as much time as possible with them, because they might not always be there to be by your side. Don't make the same mistake I made.
Omega X then leaves, leaving Agent Unknown confused.
Agent Unknown: "The same mistake"...?
Agent Brohoof: Unknown! You coming?
Agent Unknown: Huh? Oh, sure!
Agent Brohoof: Something worries you. What is it?
Agent Unknown: I just talked to Omega, right now.
Agent Brohoof: That overrated selfish replica of an animal? What did he say?
Agent Unknown: He told me to value my friends and life while it lasted, and to not make "the same mistake he made".
Agent Brohoof: It sounds too intelligent for that brainless dolt. Also, he's made a lot of mistakes in his life.
Agent Unknown: Still, I can't stop wondering. What is that mistake? How will it affect me? And how will I be able to know when I've made it? Those're questions whose answer I might never know...
The camera gets away from the RPA HQ to the sky, from which Omega X is falling with a dark blue background and big red "THE END" words. He then tells the viewer to appreciate what they currently have before they lose it all. The episode then ends as Omega X leaves.

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