Sometimes characters in the Robber Penguin Agency series will say something that implies that they know they are fictional characters in a video game, movie, television show, or book; this is called breaking the fourth wall. The term originated from plays, in which actors would do something that involved the audience. Due to a stage looking similar to a box with two walls on the left and right, and two more in the front and back; the front wall, or the direction where the audience is sitting, is called the fourth wall.


RPA: The Ultimate Battle

TV Shows

RPA: Super Robbers

  • In Framing And Shots, at the end of the episode, Omega X tells the viewer to appreciate what they have before they lose it all.


Agent Unknown: The Fight For Victory

  • In Jack's Revenge, Jack breaks the fourth wall by saying "Now lets give the people reading this what they really want" and Puffle959 replies with "Dude, we can't talk about that here" while facepalming.

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