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The Fart Gun 3000 is a device created by Agent Future/Galaxy/Universe, but stolen afterwards by a mysterious agent. It was used to kill many RPA agents. The Fart Gun 3000 killed Agent Ghost and it nearly killed Agent Titanium and Agent Unknown. Agent Future created this for mysterious reasons, yet he never got to use it.


Agent Future/Galaxy/Universe created this on his planet. However, a mysterious agent barged in, beat him up and stole the device. He told Future that it would stop robbers from robbing Club Penguin but he did not know it was the Robber Penguin Agency going to be stopped. The mysterious agent then took Agent Future's spaceship to arrive on the base of Robber Penguin Agency. He broke in and started killing RPA agents with it. Agent Ghost saw this but then the mysterious agent said "die, criminal" and killed Agent Ghost with the fart. Agent Unknown and Agent Titanium couldn't breath from the farts until Agent Nintendo saw them and took them on his submarine. They all saw many RPA agents including Agent Ghost dead. Somehow, Agent Future appeared there, dead too.

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