Evade The Traps
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Players 1-2
Controls Arrows
Minigame Location SPA HQ
Date released July 12, 2014

Evade The Traps was a Mini-Game inside the SPA HQ which robbers could play in order to invade it. If they won they could walk around the HQ until security is restored, if they lost they were sent to jail, and they had to play Breakout to escape.

What It's About

The camera is set to a CP-like angle (as always), but the player isn't able to move freely as normal. The player can only move by proceeding from square to square. Security Guards will also be moving from square to square. However, they won't move until the player moves. The guards have flashlights that cover up two frontal squares, which makes them cover up to three squares. The player can "disable" a Security Guard by looking to them from the square from behind of the guard and pressing Intro. The player wins once all security is eliminated (both sides), when the player gets a certain item and returns to the exit (Robbers) or when the player activates the Alarm Button (Agents).


  • SPA Agents could also play this game as the good guys, which version of the game was called "Security Testing".

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