Venom Symbiote ingame RPA Enemy
This article is about someone who is an enemy to the Robber Penguin Agency.
Elsa 4

Full Name Queen Elsa of Arendelle, Elsa the Snow Queen
Species Penguin
Gender Female
Position Queen
Appeared Operation: Frozen
Color Arctic White
Clothes Items The Ice Queen, Royal Eyelashes, Elsa's Ice Queen Dress, Elsa's Ice Queen Shoes
Related To Anna
Friends With Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, Marshmallow, Trolls
Pets  ?
Meetable Character? Yes (Only at her Ice Palace)

Elsa is the Queen of Arendelle. Elsa has the power to freeze anything. Her sister is Anna. She appeared during Operation: Frozen. The RPA Agents will attack her Ice Palace with Ice Weapons. Elsa created Marshmallow and Olaf. She uses Marshmallows to guard her Ice Palace so no RPA agents could get in.


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