Blacksaber (Earth-616) is Omega X's former best friend and current enemy.




Blacksaber was born in Penguin City, on May 28, 2000. It is known that he joined the Flaming City School for Gifted Youngsters, where he met Omega X the Hedgehog.

Alone: A Tale Of Betrayal

Freezer's Revenge

Blacksaber was tricked by Freezer into believing that Omega X had insulted him while he wasn't there.

Battle Of Souls

Blacksaber tried to get revenge on Omega X for insulting him (which was a lie) by fighting him. He and Omega X fought, and Blacksaber won.

The Truth Is Revealed

Omega X called Blacksaber to the Penguin City Park so they could discuss what happened. Instead, Blacksaber found Freezer saying bad things about him to a wounded Omega X. Then, Omega X and Blacksaber defeated Freezer together.

The End

Blacksaber skipped classes to see Omega X before he moved away, just like Sunshine. Before he left, Omega X gave Blacksaber a little lottery ticket. Blacksaber then held Sunshine in his arms as Omega X's family drove away.

What Happened To...?

Blacksaber helped Sunshine return home and eventually went to his. He turned the TV on and saw that the lottery ticket belonging to Omega X was worth billions. He then got the prize, gave half of it to Sunshine, made a credit card for himself and transferred his part to it. However, he realized he'd committed a crime, and needed to run away. He then escaped his house, looked for a place to hide, found it, and built his empire there.

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