Battle of the Accounts
The contact message of Agent Titanium's email
Reformers Opposition
Robber Penguin Agency
Agent Unknown


Date July 24th, 2015 - July, 30th 2015
Result Wikia Staff victory: The death of the Titanium Ninja Agent Titanium's soul is now in the body of Electric Man.

The Battle of the Accounts (or BOTA)  is a real-time battle between the RPA and Agent Unknown vs Wikia Staff. The battle was the first event the RPA lost.


On the night of July 24th, Agent Titanium was unable to log on to his Wikia account and said it was disabled. The next day Agent Unknown noticed Agent Titanium was gone, and Agent Nintendo was informed by Titanium that Wikia closed his account for no reason. The RPA ranted this case, and then Titanium used Special:Contact to contact Wikia about it. Agent Unknown confirmed that he supported the RPA in this case and will help Titanium get his account back. Titanium later used another account only on the RPA's website to stay safe.


  • This battle is adopted by an account of events that are really happening on Wikia currently.
  • This is the first time the RPA did something since Operation: Island.
  • Agent Unknown guest starred in the event, but is not in the RPA.
  • This is the first battle the RPA has done.
  • The RPA was finally announced as active due to this event.

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