Aquilet is a cyborg created by Agent Crucio. Unlike other robots, it's of three species: Penguin, Human and Robot. Aquilet's purpose is to provide a cover in the event the RPA is forced to go into hiding.


Aquilet is roughly 50%- 60% percent human and 40%- 50% robot. The mechanical part of Aquilet is composed of mainly titanium, vibranium and platinum, along with traces of other metals. Excluding Aquilet's, right flipper, right foot and head, they are robotic. Aquilet's DNA composition is quite interesting: part of it is from Aquila Bellatrix Frollo, and another part from L.Lawliet. However there is a confirmed third donor whose identity is unknown. Since Aquilet takes on habits from their donors, it might be possible to determine the final donor.


Aquilet receives habits and traits from all three of his donors. From L's DNA he/she receives the habit of sitting on his/her haunches and an incredible reasoning ability. From Aquila's DNA he/she receives the ability to sprout wings for a short period of time and the ability to easily manipulate people. From the third donor, Aquilet received the ability to see what people think and incredible hiding skills. Aquilet also has an incredible sweet tooth, love for books and a distaste for those who aren't either robotic, human or penguin.

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