Anti-Lava Boots
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Available No
Type Feet Item
Member item No
Party Operation: Blackout, Operation: Robot
Cost Free
Where found Blackout Quest Interface, Completing Operation: Robot
Item ID 6139
Unlockable No

The Anti-Lava Boots are a pair of feet items in Club Penguin. They were a free item available to all players during Operation: Blackout. They were rewarded to Agent Black Puffle after completing Operation: Robot.


Party Location Available from Available until
Operation: Blackout Blackout Quest Interface November 24, 2012 December 6, 2012
Operation: Robot Rewarded to Agent Black Puffle after completing Operation: Robot August 21, 2014


  • The Anti Lava Boots were the first feet items given to non-members since November 2008 when the Geta Sandals were released.
  • It was used to get past lava after all five of the other terminals were shut down and the door was opened in Operation: Blackout.
  • You could walk on lava with these boots.
  • A similar item would be the Anti-Slip Boots which would help you not slip on ice in Operation: Frozen.
  • Agent Ghost wears it.


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