King's igloo (1)

What his hideout and house might look like.

Due to Titanium robbing all over the island before and with the RPA, he had enough money to afford a house. He has been building this house since November 11, 2011. It contains a computer lounge which tracks many sightings, a TV lounge which is a place to relax and see the news.  A kitchen which is for breakfest, lunch, and dinner. A concert stage which is to play music, and a hangout which is to have fun. He ended the construction on July 17th, 2013. 


  • When he started building it, it was on November 11, 2011. Which its date initals is 11/11/11. 
  • At first, he wanted it to be a resturant, but since it took to much work and nobody liked it, he decided making it uniqe. 
  • It took him a year and a half to create this. Which is over a year.
  • He mostly used items from 2013. 
  • It doesn't have many likes due to King keeps on keeping his igloo closed.
  • The owner of this hideout is Kingkazimi1 who is under the agent name, 'Agent Titanium'.

How To Get In

  • You have to be friends with Kingkazimi1 in order to enter.
  • If you see him waddling around the island, if you click his player card, and if his igloo is not locked, you can go in and see the decore. 
  • Also sometimes he advertises about it (hardly), so if you're interested in it, go in and see. 

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