Agent Titanium's War Machine Power Suit is a power suit made and built by Agent Titanium. Titanium built this suit on July 9th, 2011. He uses this for super speed, atomic vulture, and many other powers. He enjoys chasing people he doesn't like or enemies. Titanium specificied this invention to be 'out of light', meaning it is very dangerous.   

Agent TItanium's War Machine Power Suit
War Machine Movie Armor

You think you can get me, but you thought wrong!
Invented by Agent Titanium
Damaged by None
Located Quantum Museum, Penguin City.


  • Titanium was trained as an aircraft pilot and studied aviation engineering while in service with the United States Marine Corps. He is knowledgeable in aircraft operation/maintenance and has piloted various aircraft at Stark Enterprises. Titanium is an experienced soldier trained in unarmed combat and military weaponry such as small arms. In addition to being a pilot, engineer, soldier, and businessman, Titanium derives multiple abilities from various hi-tech armors, either designed by Stark Industries or extraterrestrial in nature. With his years of experience with both the Iron Man and War Machine powered armors, Titanium is skilled in armored combat and uses a more physical fighting style compared to Stark.

Titanium's first armor as Iron Man was a solar charged carbon-composite based steel mesh armor which provided him with superhuman-level strength and durability. It was armed with repulsors in each palm of the armor's gauntlets and a multifunctional unibeam projector in the chest.

The original Variable Threat Response Battle Suit Mark I was a version of the Iron Man armor utilizing laser guided munitions. Stark gave Titanium a modified version of the armor, Mark II Model JRXL-1000, created just for him with the inclusion of repulsors and a unibeam projector. The armor could be modified with various modular weapons and has an improved tactical computer system with automatic targeting. Additional weapons included pulse bolt generators, retractable shoulder minigun, variable-configured double-barrel cannons on each gauntlet, gauntlet mounted flamethrower, plasma blade on the left gauntlet, missile box launcher, micro-rocket launcher, particle beam discharger, and an electromagnetic pulse generator in the unibeam projector that could shut down any electronic device in a 50-mile radius. The armor also included a photon emitter that created a force shield, forcefield-based stealth technology, boot-jet propulsion, and a self-contained breathing system.

  • The second version of the armor, reconfigured by Stark, contained upgraded improvements such as heat seeking missile launchers, pulse cannon, and retractable weapon pods located on its back. Titanium utilized different types of specialty ammunition as well as non-lethal weapons such as rubber bullets. Though Titanium lost the original armor, he still possessed a functional prototype helmet and gauntlet.

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